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WEDDING SEASON SALE! Up To 60% OFF & 15% OFF Code: WEDDING15 + Free Shipping |Track My Order


Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

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Introducing Our Black Friday Shopping Guide

With our fantastic Black Friday Sale kicking off soon, it’s the perfect time to put together a shopping guide for the biggest deals of the year.

It’s the ideal time to grab a stylish, durable, and extremely affordable wedding band in your favorite designs. Whether you prefer a traditional yellow gold ring, a designer band, or something made out of an alternative metal like tungsten or titanium, we have you covered!

The Biggest Sale of the Year On the Hottest Bands and Rings

Even our pre-black Friday sale wasn’t this promising! Many of our amazing bands and rings are discounted heavily for the shopping and holiday season.

What makes our rings so special?

  • While it depends on the brand, many of them — especially Thorsten bands — have a lifetime warranty. Not only does that cover the band if there are any accidents or damages, but it covers most resizing, too.
  • Many of the alternative metals are hypoallergenic if you know that you’re allergic to a certain material, such as nickel, gold, or silver.
  • All rings and bands are constructed to be durable, but the alternative metals tend to be extremely resilient.
  • Personalized engravings are available for almost all rings, even the super-tough alternative metals.

What Is the Best Ring or Band Type?

From traditional yellow gold to black titanium, there are many band-styles and just as many materials to choose from. It can be challenging trying to decide which is best for you and your partner.

The real answer is that there is no best. While some of the materials are stronger than others, they still have their shortcomings. Mostly, it’s going to depend on what you like best in terms of appearance and feel. Some metals might feel better against your skin, especially if you’re prone to allergies. Others might look better to you, because of your skin tone, because of their general color, or just because you prefer one material over another.

We recommend first taking some time to consider what it is you’re looking for. Do you prefer durability over style? Do you want to maximize your value? Would you rather something safe for a trade profession such as a silicone band? Want something unconventional? These are the kinds of elements that matter when choosing a ring or band.

Which Style Should I Choose?

Some bands have more elaborate styling, whether that includes a unique etching or a vibrant and stand-out inlay. Of course, there are simple and more classic bands made out of solid material, a flat finish, and minimal accents. Which ring you select should depend on your preferences.

Some may not be keen on an elaborate and quirky design, like the Star Wars A New Hope band. Others may want something unique such as the Anna Tension Titanium Diamond ring. Beyond that, some may want to go the traditional route and select a classic yellow gold band like the Radiate Gold-Plated Titanium ring.

It’s your ring or band, so you choose what fits your personality and tastes best.

Check out this amazing Azure Black Ceramic Band with a rainbow-grooved inlay. We have bands, and rings, just like it with other types of inlay designs, too. The opportunities truly are vast.

Quick Tips for Buying Wedding Bands

Take Your Time

There are a lot of rings and bands included in this sale, so be sure you take some time to look through all of them instead of settling on one of the first ones you see. There are so many different styles and types of bands, you can get lost in the inventory. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be hasty in choosing one, either.

Sync with Your Partner

While it’s true that opposites may attract, there are plenty of couples out there who are remarkably similar. Even so, everyone has a personality and separate tastes which means your rings and bands may end up different. When choosing a new band it’s always a good idea to sync up designs with your partner or significant other. A matching set makes an excellent gift, especially on anniversaries.

Consider Engravings

If you’re buying a ring or band for yourself, then don’t worry about this tip. If you’re buying for someone else, however, it might be a good idea to consider having it engraved. We can etch nearly anything from a simple message like “I Love You,” to special dates, to popular quotes.

The type of engraving is going to depend on the ring material. Some of the harder metals can only be modified a certain way, but it’s possible nonetheless.

Don't Worry About Returns

If you order the wrong size, there’s no need to fret. We’ll help you acquire the right size replacement, or find a suitable alternative if the size you need is not available. Most people that purchase jewelry have to contend with poor return or replacement policies, but that’s not the case here.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to enjoy the experience and have some fun! We all could use a little entertainment and relaxation in these strange times!