25 things a bride will need on her wedding day (Part 2)

In our previous post, we discussed the 25 things a bride will need on her wedding day (Part 1). We listed items # 1 – 12. This is our continuation post of with items # 13 – 25.

13. Water-make sure to drink a lot of water. You do not want to pass out during the fun parts of your wedding.
14. Make-up and mirror-for quick touch-ups to lips and eyes.
15. Kleenex-you know you’re going to need these!
16. Deodorant-it’s an exciting event-just make sure everyone does not have to smell it on you!
17. Nylons or pantyhose-in the shade that will match your dress.
18. Super-glue-anything can happen with shoes!
19. Gum or breath mints
20. Aspirin, bandaids and/or any required medication-
21. Nail polish and emery board-for any nail mishaps and if you want to add an extra shine to you fingers.
22. Eye drops and lotion-it is very hard to listen to your body when you are thinking of a million other things. But if your eyes and skin are sending you little itchy messages, its time to relieve those dry areas with eye drops or non-greasy lotion.
23. Tampons or pads-unfortunately these accidents are not welcome but can happen on your big day so be prepared for any extra surprises.
24. Sunscreen-get at least a 50spf for your exposed arms and legs but use a 60 or higher in make-up form for your face and neck.
25. Tungsten Wedding Bands from LarsonJewelers.com for both the bride and groom-

Place all of these items into a bag and put your maid-of-honor in charge of bringing it along to the wedding. These are the items you will need to survive your big day.