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7 Best Wedding Destinations

cathedral by Fresco Tours (flickr)

As a bride to be I have been doing a lot of wedding research. I've investigated dresses, invitations, venues… eek… you don't realize how much goes into planning a wedding until you are in the midst of it. My fiancé and I may not be planning a destination wedding, but I did look into it in the early stages of wedding planning. We decided it just isn't right for us due to the number of family members who wouldn't be able to travel for the wedding; but, I can honestly say after reading about some locations around the world people have chosen as their backdrop of choice, I understand the appeal. Below I've compiled some of the places across the globe that are not only beautiful, but great as wedding destinations.

Bodrum, Turkey

Even the smell of Bodrum is enchanting! The smell of the spice market fills the air in a way unlike anywhere else on the planet. Before your wedding you can travel via luxury gulet, a fancy sailboat, and anchor offshore before venturing through Kos to pick up your minister and any last minute silks you may see and love. Exchange your vows outdoors with the sun setting over the water as your backdrop. Your dinner can be as traditional as you like, or, enjoy local dishes such as dolma and kabobs. After your wedding, you and your guests can sail straight into the Mediterranean on your way to Athens. From here they can easily access international flights home and you can enjoy a honeymoon in Greece! Who wouldn't want to honeymoon in Greece?!

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

For some, the most important part of a wedding is the church in which the ceremony will take place. If you think finding the ideal church is the most important consideration you must take, look to Spain. In Santiago de Compostela you can find the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, built in 1075. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful in the world, but also has a fairly long waiting list, so if marrying here is your dream make sure you plan far in advance.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The beautiful blue water that surrounds Dubrovnik alone is enough to draw tourists. The view is sensational and is a sight to behold for wedding parties of any size. Nestled between Bosnia and Slovenia, Dubrovnik is influenced by both Latin and Italian cultures, but upholds its Croatian heritage. After the wedding you can take a Vespa down the stradun to Pile Gate. The stone walls of the gate guard the city's heart and look great in wedding photos.

San Ignacio, Belize

Getting married by the water is great; but if you want to try something a little different how about you tie the knot at a Mayan ruin? Not only are the ruins steeped in history, they are nestled among the lush rainforest terrain, and this, along with the hieroglyphics, will look breathtaking in wedding photos. While in San Ignacio, wedding guests can go zip-lining or explore caves. This is one of the best wedding destinations for the thrill seeking couple.

County Clare, Ireland

I think most people who are Irish, or know someone who is, know how proud of their culture those who come from the Emerald Isle can be. For any of you Irish individuals reading this that are considering Ireland as a wedding destination, may I suggest County Clare as a great location to choose? County Clare is home to Dromoland Castle, which not only allows guest to get married there, but you can even get a falcon to deliver your rings for you. A falcon! County Clare is in the New Market Fergus region of the country and is home to a plethora of activities guests can enjoy; from croquet, to archery, and even dance lessons. After your wedding, hop on a helicopter to the Cliffs of Moher for your wedding photos.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

A list of the best wedding destinations in the world wouldn't be complete without at least one tropical location. Bora Bora is a breathtaking tropical paradise with several resorts built on the small islands surrounding the lagoon. Most activities and tourist spots are water centric, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, though land attractions are also available.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Don't want your guests to have to go through the hassle of obtaining a passport in order to be present on your big day, but still want to go somewhere? How about Las Vegas? I know, you may be thinking "But Vanessa, isn't Vegas where people go to elope? Why would I want to plan a wedding in Vegas?" Well… for starters, the gorgeous hotels offer plenty of awesome venues to choose from and it is highly unlikely your guests will ever get bored. You can still have an elegant and sophisticated wedding in this high stakes city if you decide being married by Elvis isn't your cup of tea.?

So there you go! Some of the best wedding destinations in the world for a whole bunch of different reasons. Whether you want a traditional church wedding, time in the sun on a tropical island, or to be married near a location that is steeped in rich history, there is bound to be something to suit your fancy. Even if none of these sound like your ideal destination, don't give up on your search for the perfect wedding location. There are more places to choose from than I could have easily listed in this blog post. Don't give up! Your perfect wedding location is out there, waiting for you to find it.

If anyone reading has found that perfect destination please do share! I'd love to hear some of your ideas.