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About Promise Rings

What is a promise ring?

We make many promises in a lifetime. Promise rings serve as reminder of some of these commitments. It’s a way to pledge your dedication and commitment to something, or someone, important to you. By wearing these promise rings you are reminding yourself of that pledge you’ve made.

What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring can symbolize many things. It could be a commitment to a monogamous relationship. This is almost like a pre-engagement. It’s a commitment to stay together in the future. Purity rings are also a type of promise ring. Purity rings are a vow to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. This can have many different meanings to different people. Some purity rings are given by parents to their children. Other purity rings may just be a personal decision. Occasionally purity rings are even blessed by a church. But a promise ring doesn’t have to represent a promise to someone else. It could represent a promise to yourself. For instance if you had a substance abuse problem and have taken a vow to be sober, a promise ring could serve as reminder of that vow.

Where do you wear a promise ring?

The finger on which a promise ring is worn can be a tricky issue. These rings are typically worn on the left ring finger. However, some prefer their ring not to be associated with marriage. In this case the ring could simply be worn on the right ring finger or any other finger the wearer feels more comfortable with. However, this is typically something you should discuss with your partner.

How much are promise rings?

Everybody’s budgets are different. You can spend as much, or as little, on a promise ring as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that it’s not meant to be an expensive investment, not everyone needs a diamond promise ring. It’s a placeholder for an engagement ring in the future. If you are looking for cheap promise rings, tungsten makes a great option given their relatively low cost.

Do men wear promise rings?

In the past it’s typically been women who wear promise rings. But there’s been an increasing trend in promise rings worn by men. The selection of men’s rings has dramatically increased in the just the last few years alone. With more men wearing rings you can now find an even wider selection of matching couples promise rings.

Custom Promise Rings

There’s many unique ways to personalize your ring. Engraved promise rings are a popular option. You can engrave anything from an anniversary date to a special message. Engraving fingerprints on rings is a fairly new option, but makes for extremely unique promise rings. By adding your partner’s fingerprint to your ring you’ll be carrying a piece of them with you every day.