All about Cake Toppers

The cake is one of the important details of a wedding reception that needs to be planned, picked out, and purchased ahead of time. It is one of the highlights of the reception and is a sweet and yummy treat after all of the dancing and celebrating once the newlyweds have been introduced. There are decisions that go into the flavoring, the shape and tiers of the cake, and the flavor of the icing. But there is also another big decision that goes alongside, or on top of, the cake itself. The cake topper must be planned in order to reflect the personality of the bride and groom or to follow along with the theme of the wedding. Photo by garann (Flickr) Photo by garann (Flickr)

Following Your Theme

Deciding on a theme is one of the first decisions when planning your wedding. Once you've begun to pick out your cake for the reception, your cake topper can be a reflection of your overall theme.

  • Traditional cake toppers usually include a miniature bride and groom. These figurines are usually made of plastic or a lightweight ceramic material that will sit well on the top tier of the cake. These are iconic and symbolize the two partners uniting as one couple.
  • A great modern alternative to the traditional bride and groom is to use a silhouette of a bride and groom. These can be made out of painted metal or wood and add a simpler feel to the cake.
  • If your theme is a romantic one, you may choose to use a bouquet of flowers similar to the one the bride is carrying or similar to those of the bridesmaids.
  • If you want to use something that can be saved as a keepsake, there are many different heart sculptures, ceramic or silver, that can be found to coordinate with your cake.
  • If you've chosen a more casual, country-style wedding, you can do any type of item that goes along with that theme. Engraved horseshoes, sunflowers, ceramic horses, and cowboy boots are great cake toppers for a wedding set on a farm.
  • Seashells, sand dollars, or mini flip-flops are great ideas for cake toppers for a wedding on the beach or at a beach-side resort.

Personalized Cake Toppers

If you want something that you can use later as part of your new home's décor, there are many great ideas for more personalized cake toppers.

  • Use a metal monogram topper that is both of your first names' initials or your last name initial. You can also choose to spell out your first names. These types of toppers come in metal, wood, ceramic, or crystal.
  • There are many creative ideas for a small paper banner that spells out your last name, the word "love," or the wedding date.
  • You may choose to get a crystal or silver topper that can be etched or engraved with your names and the wedding date.

Incorporate Your Hobbies, Jobs, or Personalities

When you merge your lives together, chances are good that you are going to have a few things in common.

  • If you share a love of surfing, you can use two miniature surf boards as your cake toppers.
  • Use figurines of the type of pets that you have as your topper. If you both love Labrador retrievers, use this love as your cake topper theme.
  • If you enjoy going on bike rides together, place two miniature bicycles on your cake. This will give all of your guests a peek into your active lives together.
  • If one of you has a distinct job, use that as your cake topper. A fireman and a bride is a cute idea to incorporate an exciting occupation into your cake.

Your cake is something that everyone will enjoy looking at and also enjoy tasting. Give it a cake topper that everyone will remember.