Celebrate The End Of Summer With August's Two Birthstones, Peridot And Sardonyx

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The summertime is a time of sunshine, warm temperatures, and natural beauty. For those born during the month of August, the peridot is a natural green stone that encompasses the beauty that the warm summer months bring. The other birthstone for this month is the sardonyx. Both the peridot and the sardonyx are perfect August birthstones because they each encompass great symbolism and meaning.

The Peridot

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The peridot is a stone found in nature that is caused by the presence of iron in the ground. It is a yellow-green to gold-green stone that has medium hardness. Peridots are usually found between 5 and 15 carats in weight, although there have been reports of peridots that have been up to 50 or 100 carats in weight. These have been found in Pakistan and Myanmar. Peridots also can be mined in Afghanistan, Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, and Myanmar. They have also been found in the U.S. in both Arizona and New Mexico.

The peridot is a gemstone that has been favored since Egyptian times, possibly as long ago as 2,000 years B.C. At this point in time, the stone was found in the soil of an island that was predominantly a volcano located in the Red Sea, called St. John's Island. The stone was also popular during Roman rule and even with Europeans during medieval times. For many years, the stone was not as popular, and fewer people wore it in jewelry. It regained popularity in the later part of the 20th century after a discovery of a large deposit of the stone in an area of Pakistan that was covered with mountains.

It is believed by some that the peridot wards off nightmares. Some believe that it has healing powers that influence different organs within the human body, such as the small and large intestines, the spleen, and the lungs. It is also believed that peridot is a good luck charm that can effectively heal illnesses such as infections of the liver, infections of the eye, sinus issues, and asthma. Some people also believe that the peridot helps with mental and emotional issues such as anger, stress, depression, and jealousy. They believe that it boosts the self-esteem of the one wearing the stone and that it helps promote a clear mind.

The Sardonyx

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The sardonyx is a type of onyx that has white and reddish-brown layers throughout. The look of the sardonyx is natural and raw and makes for beautiful pieces of jewelry. It is popularly used in carving cameos and intaglios for fashion jewelry pieces. Sardonyx consists of chalcedony quartz, which is also found in dark brown and black. It is found in many parts of the world, including Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, Uruguay, and the U.S., but the most beautiful specimens are usually found in India.

The word "onyx" comes from a Greek word meaning "claws" or "fingernails." In ancient times, when the gemstone was first starting to become popular among the Romans and the ancient Greeks, people believed that the stone came from the nails of Venus, the Roman goddess. During this time period, soldiers carried the stone into battle because they believed that it brought them bravery and would lead to their triumph. Their stones were emblazoned with the images of Hercules and Mars, mythical heroes of the time.