Give Your Bestie The Bachelorette Party She'll Never Forget

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Whenever you think of a bachelorette party, you picture a lot of girls on a party bus ready to paint the town red. But there are so many more great options for your BFF's big pre-wedding celebration party with just the girls. Before you plan that important bachelorette party, think about the bride-to-be and what kind of things that she loves to do. There are many other great things that you can do to celebrate her that will make her party a unique one that she'll remember and that will make her feel special for a long time.

Scavenger hunt

It takes a bit of planning and setting up, but a scavenger hunt can be a really exciting event planned for her bachelorette party celebration. Start by thinking of some significant places that the bride and her closest friends will be familiar with, and then start making clues. There are websites that can help you set up the clues and most people are happy to help you with the event. This is a great idea if your bride friend is very competitive and enjoys an adventure.


When was the last time you put your pajamas on and then started your evening of fun? As girls, we love to get comfy and do fun stuff together. A classic sleepover is a wonderful idea for a bachelorette party. Plan ahead to make your own pizzas, pasta or quesadillas and then top off dinner with a smorgasbord of ice cream toppings and have ice cream sundaes. Be 13 again and rent some classic movies or have a dance party until the wee hours of the morning to blow off some of that pre-wedding steam. At some point in the evening, you may also want to do a little wedding planning.

Exercise class

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If your bride friend enjoys staying fit and active, have a bachelorette exercise party. Plan a date to do a fun exercise class, like Zumba or spin; something that all her friends will enjoy. Then plan to end the date at the smoothie shop for a healthy dessert. You can take something everyone is familiar with, such as yoga, but have it on the beach or on a beautiful hill overlooking your town. You can also take something different and exciting like a trapeze class, burlesque class or a pole dancing class to get the bride ready for her honeymoon.


Depending on where you live, you may have access to a fun getaway that includes many fun adventures. Staying at a dude ranch, especially one that is a resort can offer you and the girls a lot of fun things to do over the course of a few days. Start with a beautiful horseback ride through nature. You may have the opportunity to do some wine tasting or even spend time at the spa.

Thrill-seeking adventures

If you, your bride and all of her other friends enjoy getting an exciting thrill of a lifetime, plan a breath-taking adventure for her bachelorette party. Try a white water rafting trip, an amusement park or even bungee jumping or skydiving if everyone is extremely adventurous. That will be a party that she won't soon forget.

Camping trip

Take all of the bride's besties on a weekend that they'll remember. Pack up your camping gear and spend a couple of nights in the great outdoors. Plan meals that you can cook over an open fire, bring fishing gear and lots of marshmallows for roasting. Plan to take a group hike to a beautiful area near the campground. You may choose to go the cabin route or the tent route. Either way, she'll have a wonderful time with all of her girls.

Dinner Cruise

For an elegant celebration, try planning a dinner cruise for the bride's closest pals. You may have some great locations in your area that offer this type of event. There will be great food and wonderful entertainment that your BFF and her closest friends and family will enjoy. Plus, the photo opportunities will be wonderful as the sun sets.

Craft party

There may be some work that needs to be done in the way of wedding favors. A craft party is a fun way to get the girls together, drink wine, chit chat about the wedding and get some cool things made. Plan to make the wedding favors and get them done together at one time. You can also plan to craft some scrapbook pages for the bride. Another great idea is to make personalized wine glasses for your bridal party to use at the reception.

Take a class

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Sometimes it's just fun to sit and learn something new with your best friends in tow. Try having the bachelorette party at a painting studio and get some tips on making a masterpiece. If everyone (or even just the bride) is a foodie, try taking a cooking class to hone your skills in the kitchen. Regardless of what type of class you take, you are guaranteed to have a good time together.