The Best Flowers for Holiday Weddings

When we think about holiday colors, we usually think of red and green. When it comes to your wedding day, you don't have to adorn everything in red poinsettias and greenery. You can take creativity to a whole new level when it's time to think about your wedding flowers. There is so much beauty in nature during the wintertime, and it takes simply incorporating the loveliness of the outdoors into your wedding bouquet and other floral arrangements.

Image provided by louis-vision (Flickr) Image provided by louis-vision (Flickr)

Soft Blue

If you don't want to go the traditional route with any red or green, take your holiday wedding to a new level with a soft blue. Holiday weddings don't have to be dark and bold, but you can make it just as "wintery" with a soft blue and white. Incorporating silver and soft blue through flowers, ribbon or sparkles in the bouquet, and make it seem less holiday and more winter wonderland, even if it is right in the middle of the holiday season.

Seasonal Accents

Decorate and even arrange boutonnieres and bouquets with traditional seasonal flora. Mistletoe is a perfect holiday greenery to use in your décor, on the tables or in your bouquet. Utilizing holly will also allow you to be able to get a bit of red accents in the berries. Used as accents on candles, table décor and even in the bouquet, holly adds a beautiful holiday touch.


When you think of crystals, you think of snowflakes or ice, but they can be just as beautifully incorporated into your flower arrangements for your holiday wedding. You may choose to have a crystal or glass flower arrangement as your bouquet, or simply have crystal accents in your bouquet and décor.

Natural Browns

When you can incorporate browns into your wedding flowers, you can bring a bit of the outside in. If you've chosen an all-white, red or green bouquet, try adding some brown in the way of small pinecones and small sprigs and branches. This will give your traditional bouquet a natural wintery feel.

Winter Flowers

Instead of the obvious poinsettias, you can choose some other winter flowers. Eucalyptus pods, lily pods, dusty miller, astrantia, berzelia berries, wood Sola flowers, banana stems, silver brunia, scabiosa and even cotton are beautiful winter plants that can make a breathtaking bouquet. They incorporate a lot of natural colors and tones with browns, whites and greens and can look stunning in décor as well. These blooms will give any holiday wedding a rustic and natural vibe.

Deep Winter Tones

Instead of a white bouquet, try deep winter-toned blooms to fill your bouquet. Flowers with darker blooms include lotus pods, trachelium, anemones, clematis, calla lilies and ranunculuses. Incorporate greenery into your dark floral arrangement, and then add a beautiful gold or silver ribbon.


If you don't want to change your ideal of the traditional floral arrangement for your bouquet or for your wedding décor, try incorporating some holiday ribbon instead. You could go with a plaid red and green ribbon, red or burgundy velvet ribbon or simply something silver or gold and shimmery. This will give the holiday touch that you want, without using anything other than traditional bouquet flowers.


If you want to go with the traditional holiday colors, try an all red, all green or all white bouquet. If you want red, you can use red roses or poinsettias. If you want white, go with white roses, baby's breath to look like snowflakes and then add sparkles to the rose petals to give it a bit of extra shimmer. You may also want to go with a traditional green bouquet, in which you could use all kinds of beautiful greenery, pine boughs, and fern.

The holidays are a beautiful time of year, and a wonderful time to have a wedding. You can go all out with your winter flowers, or just give it a bit of holiday flair. Whatever you choose for your bridal flowers, décor and bouquet, you will definitely be the most beautiful and radiant one there.