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The Best Spring Flowers For Any Wedding Budget

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Flowers are not usually what a little girl dreams about when she's dreaming of her Prince Charming and her fancy white gown. But flowers are a large part of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception as well. Throughout the ceremony, the bride and her bridesmaids carry bouquets, the groomsmen wear boutonnières, and several other attendants and family members wear corsages. They are also used as ceremony decor, and most weddings feature flowers at the reception, too, especially table centerpieces.

The average flower budget for a wedding ceremony is between $1,000 and $2,000, but this figure is for your typical medium-sized wedding ceremony. As for a bride who is trying to spend less and has a smaller budget, she may spend as little as a couple hundred dollars. I remember in my wedding-planning days trying to find creative ways to come up with flowers or replacements for different necessary arrangements. But for those having a more extravagant wedding, the sky is the limit as far as the budget is concerned.

Springtime Wedding Flower Options

For the bride with a smaller budget, there are some great flowers to take advantage of in order to make your ceremony and reception look beautiful. Some of these options include baby's breath and Queen Anne's lace. This simple white bloom will dress up your bouquet or your décor and give it a fuller effect without breaking your budget. Daisies are simple and make you feel happy. What is better than having daisies (of the white variety or Gerbera daisies) in your bouquets or your table centerpieces? Freesia is a cheaper flower that will really give your big day a wonderful scent. Gladiolus is a voluptuous bloom that works great as a centerpiece or as a simple, longer bouquet. Another way to save on the expense of wedding flowers is to only use the more costly blooms for the bride's bouquet (something that everyone is going to see) or just the bride and groom's table at the reception. If this is the case, then other budget-friendly flowers can be worked into all of the other arrangements.

For the bride with an average budget, roses are a classic wedding option, and the springtime bride shouldn't count them out. Pastel colors can be made into a classic bouquet, boutonnières, corsages, and other floral décor. Lilac is a beautiful pale purple bloom that can make your ceremony smell amazing. The fullness of hydrangeas makes for a beautiful centerpiece or bouquet in addition to their beautiful pale shades of color. The calla lily is a simple yet classic look for a springtime wedding flower and can be dressed up with different ribbon options. The magnolia is elegant and brings a southern feel to your ceremony. Carried alone as a bouquet or used as table décor, this flower will look amazing at your wedding. Tulips are colorful and give the springtime vibe immediately. They are perfect for a casual ceremony and also for a very formal affair. Peonies are a classic flower for brides, as they are soft with a bit of texture and come in some great pastel colors.

Brides who have the luxury of having no limit on their wedding budget for their flowers and floral arrangements have the ability to choose any flower that they desire, regardless of the season. They also most likely have no limit on the amount of flowers used in their wedding.

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Wedding Flower Alternatives

There is no rule book that says that you have to have a bunch of flowers at your wedding. If you are like me and love to get creative, or if you simply don't want to spend a bunch on your flowers, try a non-traditional bouquet. Flowers die, but many brides are moving toward a bouquet that they can keep for years. Some great options include paper or silk flowers or a bouquet made of fabric bows. If you want to stick with an earthier feel, since they are replacing flowers, try using seashells or even springtime herbs made into a beautiful arrangement.

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