Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Gift

Remember Your Wedding Day A framed engagement photo and wedding announcement is a great gift on your wedding day. Photo: Aaron Brothers

We all look forward to our wedding day because we are marrying the one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Your family, special friends, the carefully selected gifts from your guests, and the entire day are all very special, but the one thing that makes your day just a bit more exciting is receiving a special wedding day gift from your very-soon-to-be spouse. Who doesn't love opening a special gift from the love of their life right before they devote their life to them? Your wedding day will fly by, and before you know it, the day will end. Put a special spin on the day and say "I love you" by giving your fiance a gift that they will treasure for years.

Plan Ahead

You don't want to be searching on the morning of your wedding for something to get your spouse. Do your shopping or planning ahead of time. Decide if you want your gift to be something special, like jewelry or a watch, or if you would rather it be something sentimental, such as a poem, a personalized journal, or something that you've made. Sometimes budget is an issue, while sometimes you may have a very special idea that doesn't cost a great amount of money but will mean a great deal to your spouse.

Traditional Gifts

The most common gift ideas for spouses are pieces of fine jewelry. A popular gift for grooms is an engraved watch to be worn during the ceremony. At the same time, a common gift for a bride is a strand of pearls or diamond earrings to be worn when she walks down the aisle to meet her soul mate. These types of gifts can be more costly and should be planned ahead of time. A piece of jewelry is a nice gift for the wedding day because it can be worn again and kept as an heirloom for many generations to come. Having things personalized and monogrammed, such as a silver frame, a journal, or a handkerchief, is also a traditional gift but with a more personal touch.

Sentimental Gifts

Sometimes brides and grooms choose to make their gift more sentimental and original. It might be something that declares their love for each other, such as writing your own vows, or it may be something that can solely be for them. Ideas for original wedding day gift ideas may be some that are created by the bride or groom, such as a poem, a special letter, a song, or a photo album. Other sentimental gift ideas would be having a painting made, making a special piece of furniture or art, planting a tree in honor of your spouse, or performing a special song at the reception. Any gift that is original and can't be reproduced is a wonderful gift for your wedding day.

Useful Gifts

Once you're married, you might be going on a blissfully wonderful honeymoon. A nice idea for a wedding day gift is something that your spouse might like to have for your first official trip as husband and wife. A new camera might be a great thing to have for your trip because you'll be able to record memories of your time together. These photos and videos are things that you'll treasure for a long time. Something that is useful and functional and can be used well into the future is a great idea as well. Other useful gift ideas would be luggage, new furniture, or even a new car, if you have the ability to be extravagant!

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding day gift to your spouse will indeed be special. Giving and receiving a gift from your true love is a wonderful way to start off your big day together. Your decision to be half of a beautiful union is a great present in itself, so any other special little gift will surely brighten your day.