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Color Changing Inlay and Alexandrite Gemstone Setting: The Perfect Match

color-changing-inlaySome of the newest additions to our collection of tungsten carbide and black ceramic gemstone wedding bands are the CERULEAN and the KLEIN. At first sight, these rings instantly capture your attention with their beautiful color changing gradient inlay. The colorful inlay changes from beautiful blues to mesmerizing purples depending on the lighting and angle that the ring is in. Offered in one of the most scratch resistant metals on Earth, the CERULEAN houses this color changing inlay in a tough polished and beveled tungsten carbide ring. The KLEIN is the black ceramic version of the CERULEAN and is perfect for those that love the color changing inlay against a dark and sexy polished ring.

Both the CERULEAN and KLEIN come set with a gorgeous matching Alexandrite stone. Alexandrite is a rare gemstone that is named after the famous Russian tsar, Alexander II. Alexandrite is the most perfect color changing gemstone to match the color changing inlay of these rings. Alexandrite in the daylight can be seen to show green and/or bluish-green shades while at night the gemstone may produce a purplish-red or scarlet light. The color changing properties of this stone make it one of the most sought after gemstones of all.

klein-black-ceramic-color-changing-alexandrite Black Ceramic Color Changing Wedding Band with Alexandrite Gemstone Setting

cerulean-color-changing-ring-alexandrite Tungsten Carbide Color Changing Wedding Band with Alexandrite Gemstone Setting