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Comfort Fit Ring Sizing

About Comfort Fit Ring Sizing

There are two types of sizing systems in America; Standard Fit and Comfort Fit. Standard fit rings and wedding bands are the most common types. Comfort Fit is newer and not as well known as Standard Fit. Both types of fit are explained below.

Standard Fit

This type of fitting is defined as a ring that is flat along the interior of the ring (where the ring touches the ring finger). This is easiest to illustrate by comparing the interior of the ring to the interior of a pipe, it is the same diameter from one edge to the other. This type of fit is most commonly used in precious metal rings such as platinum, palladium, and white gold. Although it is slightly less comfortable to wear when compared to Comfort Fit, Standard Fit is definitely not “uncomfortable”. Standard Fit has been used in the jewelry industry for centuries.

Determining Standard Fit Size

The most accurate method of determining your Standard Fit size is to visit a local jeweler. They will most likely have a tool that looks like a bunch of rings on a key-chain. This will provide an accurate measurement for any of our Standard Fit rings. You may also purchase our ring sizer, which is accurate for rings up to 8 mm wide. If you want to order a ring wider than 8 mm, you may consider going up half a size.

Comfort Fit

This type of fitting is defined as a ring that is domed in the interior (where the ring touches the finger), instead of flat, like Standard Fit. The diameter at the exact middle of the ring (between the two edges) is smaller than the diameter at the edges of the ring. This type of fit is most commonly used in rings that are difficult to resize, such as tungsten, ceramic, cobalt chrome and titanium. This is why tungsten rings commonly have lifetime replacement programs for sizing, similar to Larson Jewelers’ industry leading no fee lifetime sizing warranty for tungsten wedding bands. The advantages of Comfort Fit are the ring slides over the knuckle easier and the ring creates less friction because it covers less skin surface area.

Determining Comfort Fit Size

A good method of determining your Comfort Fit size is to first determine your Standard Fit size at a local jeweler (explained below), and then order a half size smaller. For example, if you are measured for a Standard Fit size 9.0 by your local jeweler, you should order a Comfort Fit size 8.5. This is simply a general recommendation, not a hard rule. For rings that are wider than 8 mm, it is not recommended to go down half a size because rings wider than 8 mm fit tighter. Ring sizes are a bit like shoe sizes and differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is why different jewelers may measure your finger at slightly different sizes. The most accurate way to determine your Comfort Fit size is to purchase our ring sizer. Our ring sizer is very accurate so, you do not need to order a half size smaller. Just order the exact size you were measured at by our ring sizer.

International Sizing

If you live outside of North America, you can go to a jeweler near you to get your finger measured. Then, go to our international ring size conversion page to find the correct US ring size to order. Or, if you can find out the diameter or circumference of your ring size in millimeters, we will be able to convert it to the proper US size as well.

Ring Sizer Form

Unsure about your ring size? You can purchase one of our affordable ring sizer kits below.

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