Create Your Very Own Custom Wedding Ring


Larson Jewelers is now offering you the ability to create your very own unique wedding band. Do you like diamonds? Want to mix it up with a wood inlay? Come check out the custom ring tool to create a ring for any occasion. Create a special style for that special someone by choosing their favorite color of inlay and matching it with the same color gem. The custom ring tool offers a wide selection of different inlays to choose from including carbon fibers and wood inlays. There are thousands of combinations of wedding band attributes that can be produced with the custom ring tool.

The custom ring tool is extremely simple to use. Comprised of a set of drop down menus for the user to select the attributes that he or she would like on their custom ring. You first start off by choosing a metal, the current selection includes the classic tungsten metal and black ceramic. As the user moves down the drop down menu list, certain attributes will become restricted because they are unable to be manufactured (many of these restrictions apply to hard inlays not being able to curve on a dome ring).

The Manufacturing time for a custom ring that is created takes approximately 4-6 weeks since all custom rings are created to order. The same manufacturing time that is used to create the rings is also applied to size exchanges and replacements made.

Larson Jewelers Custom Ring Tool lets you create the ring that you want to wear. You get to decide the specific features that you want and you would get a generated preview in real time! Immediately see what your custom wedding ring will look like and place your order today.