Find Out Your Ring Size Easily and Accurately

Many people don’t know their ring size. This is especially true of men. Frequently men guess their ring size by trying on their fiancée’s ring, which they obviously don’t fit, and then they add a few sizes to that. Or, they think it has something to do with their shoe size. Yes, size 10.0 shoes are the most common for men and so are size 10.0 rings, but that’s just a coincidence. Your ring size most likely is not the same as your shoe size.

Why do men have such a hard time finding out their ring size? First, most men do not wear rings until they get married and that is the reason they need to find out their ring size all of a sudden. Next, they find going to the jewelry store to get their fingers measured a hassle, especially if they are buying a ring online for better pricing and have no intention of buying a ring from the jeweler they are asking to measure their finger.

One of the easiest and most accurate ways of finding out your ring size from the comfort of your own home is to go online and find a wedding ring retailer that offers a free ring sizer. Reputable companies usually will not charge to send you a ring sizer kit at no charge. However, make sure they have a picture of the ring sizer they will send you. This is because not all ring sizers are the same. There are many companies that try to save money by sending out the cheapest ring sizer, which is the kind that looks like a little belt or zip tie that you cinch around your finger and then you read your size off of the indicator. These will give you a good estimate of your finger size, but they may not be completely accurate since you may pull it too tight or not pull it tight enough, which gives you an unreliable reading. Unlike shoes, rings usually have to be exactly the right size. Most people can have a shoe size that is a half size too big and it will not cause any problems. However, a ring that is a half size too big tends to slip off too easily when your hands are wet, which causes the ring to fall off when drying your hands or even worse, fall off into the drain of the sink when you are washing your hands.

The most accurate ring sizers to get are the ones that look like a flat sheet of plastic, usually blue colored, and have a bunch of rings you can just pop off and try on. These are accurate because they are actual rings of plastic molded to the exact circumference of standard US ring sizes. Unlike the belt-like sizers, you can’t make them tighter or looser on your finger. They either fit well or they don’t. Once you follow the instructions and size yourself, you can be assured that is your actual finger size and you can then use it to order your ring. This type of ring sizer is so accurate they can be used to measure standard fit rings, which are usually made of platinum, palladium or gold. They can also be used to measure your finger size for “comfort fit” rings, which are rings that are rounded on the inside. Tungsten wedding bands are usually made in comfort fit sizes. If you got your finger size using the plastic ring type sizers, you do not have to go down half a size when ordering your comfort fit ring. Simply order the size you were measured.

If you don’t live in the USA, many reputable companies will send the ring sizer to foreign countries. Using a ring sizer is important when ordering your ring from another country because different countries have different ring size systems and even if you convert your ring size to the US size, it may not be accurate. If you cannot wait about 1 week for a ring sizer to arrive, you can tell the US retailer your ring size in your country and they should be able to convert it accurately for you. The best thing to do is to tell the US jeweler the diameter or circumference of your ring size in millimeters and they should be able to convert it accurately to your US finger size.

Our recommended way of measuring - use our physical Ring Sizer