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Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

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Flower me with love

Flowers are the most beautiful and expensive addition to your wedding. You must decide ahead of time if you want your day to be an arrangement of colorful bulbs or if you want a simpler look. But how do you go about finding the right flower and arrangement for your wedding. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing your dream scene.

First, discuss with your spouse-to-be about style and budgeting. Are you both looking for an easy style arrangement or do you see flowers as a main component of the wedding. Be realistic and choose what your budget can really handle.

Next, an important detail to consider before you begin to shop for a florist is to consider the venue. Do they provide arrangements and if so, ask for portfolios of recent weddings to check out designs they provide. If their flower arrangements are not to your liking, ask if there is any extra charge to bring in your own florist. Many places are very flexible and do not charge a fee, but some smaller places may charge a fee to store your arrangements before the wedding. It won’t hurt to check on these and other extra add-ons. Also decide if you want to focus on the beauty of the venue itself, such as a garden or sea-view wedding. These places usually do not need a lot of accents so this helps keep your budget down when choosing an arrangement.

Flip through your stack of wedding magazines and tear out any colors, color schemes, flower arrangements and/or styles your eyes are drawn to. Stick these pages in a few page protectors and arrange in a binder for easy access. Looking at the many glossy examples will give you ideas of what you like and what you can do with out. Bring this “flower portfolio” with you as you meet florists to give them a look at your style preferences.

Have a rough idea of which colors and flowers you are partial to before the consultation. Try to check out flowers within a color scheme if you want the concentration to be on your color palette. Or if you’re set on your favorite flower as the main focus, choose flowers that will go together with your favorite blossom.

Seasonal flowers are wonderful to showcase throughout your wedding. While looking for tungsten rings online, take a moment to find a florist or ask the florist what will be in season at the time of your wedding. Get their suggestions of what might be easier to get for your wedding date and ask if certain things will need to be shipped in. You need to be sure what will be within your budget before you decide to ship any supplementary unseasonal blooms for your day.