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Flower me with love – Part 2

Check out local florists by looking them up on the Internet. The Yellow Pages and The Knot websites have good listings of local businesses and the Wedding Wire site includes descriptions and examples of past creations.

Now once you’ve narrowed it down a bit, call for an appointment to check out their inventory.

Try not to be intimidated by their huge selection. If all you see looks the same, try and pick out flowers you don’t like -it may make it easier for you to choose the right flower combination.

Look at photo examples of their work. Their brag books can you give you ideas of what they can and cannot do. Choose beforehand the style and size of your bouquet and that of your bride’s maids and see if they can meet your requests. Inquire about their corsage and boutonnière styles.

Incorporating any extra containers, such as vases or coffee cups, for your centerpieces might cost a little extra. Check out their selection of containers and see what is included with the contract price.

Some florists offer services certain services after the wedding. Ask if they offer preservation services or if they can recommend a service for your bouquet.

As you decide on your flower combination, decide on a price and number of arrangements, include any boutonnières and wrist corsages you will need. Also, ask the price for transportation, how long set-up time will be and when they will need to be at your site. Another good suggestion is to get them to make miniature examples of your bouquets and centerpieces.

If you like their price quotes then draft up a contract. Read it together to make sure everything is clear on both ends it before you sign the contract. If you don’t, move on to the next florist on your list but try to have at least one florist as a back-up in case anything goes wrong with your first choice.

Don’t forget to visit nurseries and garden centers. Their selection of wood and plants can give your wedding an earthy feel. Plus the prices might be a bit better and you can be more creative with your table pieces.

Extra Things to Remember

Discuss how to make the table arrangements easily portable for guests to take home.

Incorporate your theme-have fun with the flower arrangements. Get their suggestions about theme accents and creative vase ideas.

You definitely want flowers that won’t leave a mess on your wedding clothes or tablecloths. Tell the florist to remove any parts of the flower beforehand that may stain or discolor your event.

The florist you choose should be skilled at creating stunning pieces and they should know how to make those works of art last though the entire event. Sagging boutonnières and wilting flowers are not the sort of trimmings you want to remember as you look at your wedding day pictures. Be certain that sensitive flowers will be in shaded areas or have plenty of water if your wedding is an outside event.

Make sure the flowers look good as a background to your tungsten wedding bands. And the most important advice, check for any allergies amongst the bridal party and guests. If you don’t do this, the romantic tune -Love is in the air will surely be replaced with sneezing in the air as your theme song!