Best Furs And Wraps for Winter Weddings

A beautiful time of year to have a wedding is during the winter. In order to be comfortable in the colder temperatures, you may need to wear a fur or wrap over your bridal gown. There are beautifully designed wraps, furs, and other coverings to be worn with bridal gowns, and a winter wonderland wedding in December or January is a great way to take advantage of this classic style. Photo by Andres Rodriguez (Flickr) Caption: A bridal coat designed to keep the bride warm on her wedding day. Photo by Andres Rodriguez (Flickr) Caption: A bridal coat designed to keep the bride warm on her wedding day.


As beautiful as furs can be with a white wedding gown, you should be aware of what you're shopping for before you go. You can choose real, faux, or friendly fur. Real fur is just what it sounds like: real fur. Look for a vintage fur coat or fur wrap to wear with your bridal gown and stay eco-conscious. Friendly fur is fur that is produced from bird feathers or lamb fur that is simply shorn from the animal during the summer so that the animal can stay cooler. Faux furs are starting to look like the real thing and keep getting better and better as time goes on. A fur bolero, wrap, or even scarf will allow you to stay warm while saying your "I do's." Some fur stoles are long and may be floor-length, while other styles are short, similar to a longer wrap.


The wrap is worn to cover the upper arms and shoulders to stay warm. Wraps can be made of fur, satin, lace, or material to match your gown. Wraps work like a poncho and are placed around the upper body and held on by the lower arms. Some wraps may overlap behind the neck.


A bridal coat can be worn to match the gown or can simply be another similar style that will go with your bridal ensemble. Bridal coats can be made of a similar fabric to the dress or can be another fabric such as wool or wool blend with fur trim. Bridal coats are to be worn over the gown and then taken off during the ceremony, or if they are made of a similar fabric, they can be worn for an outdoor winter wedding ceremony if that's what the bride desires. Some bridal coats are double-breasted, while others have a clasp style at the neck that opens up to display the dress.

Shrugs and Boleros

A shrug or bolero will keep you warm while in your bridal gown but will not cover the dress or the train. These can be made in matching fabrics or can be made of fur, lace, satin or wool as well. It is simply a cropped vest that contains long or short sleeves to cover your arms. The bottom of the shrug or bolero will lie above the waistline and will add a bit of charm to your bridal gown for your winter wedding celebration.

Capes and Capelets

A cape or capelet is a perfect accessory to keep you warm on your wedding day while not affecting the lay of your gown. Usually, capes are made of velvet, satin, cashmere, or wool and are designed to cover your upper arms and shoulders while lying over the train in the back, leaving your dress to be on display in the front for all to see. Capelets are similar but are shorter in length. Vintage capelets can add a retro and glam feel to your vintage-style or more casual wedding.

Sweaters and Jackets

Going with a sweater or jacket on your wedding day can allow you to be able to stay warm while allowing your dress to be seen. The great thing about a sweater to match your gown is that you may have a great souvenir after your wedding day and an item of clothing that you can wear again with much more casual attire. Bridal sweaters are usually made of wool or wool blends, while jackets can be made in any material, including satin, velvet, or lace overlay. Most bridal sweaters or jackets are made in three-quarter-length styles that button down the front or tie at the neck.

Whatever you choose to wear over your gown on your special day should not only keep you warm and toasty in the colder weather but should also make you look stunning. Your winter wedding can be just as beautiful as any springtime or summer wedding. Take advantage of the cool, crisp air and wear a wrap or a fur over your beautiful wedding gown.