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Gems for Every Month: Decoding Birthstones

3572825292_0c7037e3d2 by Bryce Edwards flickr

I won't say I put a ton of stock in determining what a person is like by their star sign or their birthstone or anything like that, but I can't say I'm not sometimes fascinated by how spot on these things can be. Working for Larson, one of the things I'm noticing is how accurate birthstones actually are! People often ask about the meaning behind some of the birthstone rings available. Even people who are well aware of what their birthstone is aren't always sure of the meaning behind it. The meanings aren't always 100% correct, and it's true that the attributes associated with birthstones and birthstone colors are a bit vague at times, but I've definitely noticed some things to be true pretty consistently. It makes me wonder how many of the other "signs" are accurate.

I decided to dig a little more into the birthstones and what they say about people and figured I would share what I found. I hope you enjoy! And make sure you let me know if you agree or disagree with the meaning behind your birthstone!

I feel like I should also mention that there are both traditional and modern birthstones. The traditional are found in this poem, while the modern are the ones I am listing below.

January: Garnet

Garnets are considered powerful. If you were born in January you are drawn to excitement and strength. You're bold and not afraid to confront difficult situations head on. You're fiery and passionate about the things you find important and won't back down. You'll put your heart on the line if you have to. You are also willing to provide guidance to friends who are struggling. You're a rock in your group of friends and good at figuring out financial problems.

February: Amethyst

Amethysts are sincere. If you were born in February you are quirky and proud. You won't hide your uniqueness from anyone and believe in being real, lovable, and genuine. Even your faults are seen as minor by others because of how honest you are about them. Amethysts are believed to be able to protect people from evil and provide peace of mind. You're talented in many areas and have many layers. You can stay neutral without taking sides in any story, even though you are able to see all sides clearly.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarines are brave. You're adventurous and have a courageous heart. You thrill in putting yourself out there in the world. Even though you have a fighter's spirit, you can find peace of mind easily in most situations. You only battle others when you are forced into it. Aquamarines are believed to be purifying. You are able to keep negativity out of your life by removing any negative influences. You see the world around you clearly and can accept reality tranquilly.

April: Diamonds

Diamonds are alluring (so said every girl ever). You're both sparkling and tough and have a way about you that is dazzling. People are often jealous of you and think you have a nearly perfect life. You don't blame them and consider yourself very fortunate. You only want the best for the people in your life that you consider your friends and family. You think that with a little work and determination people can reach their dreams and you hope that your loved ones will do just that. Diamonds represent abundance and clarity.

May: Emerald

Emeralds are balanced. You are easy going and feel at peace and harmonious with your surroundings, especially when in nature. You're intuitive and can often read people well. You are also bright and quick witted. Emeralds represent new life and renewal and are often associated with Spring. You strive to grow as a person and often reinvent yourself. You think people change, and for this reason you are willing to give people multiple chances.

June: Pearl

Pearls are natural. You're happy with who you are and don't feel like you need to put on airs. You do what feels right while following your heart. You know the path to take deep down. The pearl promotes longevity and prosperity. You feel lucky with what you have but think that luck really is just knowing what path to take and choosing the right one. You frequently make good choices.

July: Ruby

The ruby represents leadership. You like to take charge of your own life and enjoy leading groups of your peers. You strive to be an influence to others and crave power. You go after what you want and will not allow yourself to feel helpless. Rubies are believed to bring power, passion and authority. You certainly won't let anything stand in your way and are extremely goal oriented. Once you have set your sights on something you will not let anything keep you from reaching it.

August: Peridot

Peridots represent forward thinking. You are considered a broad thinker and consider every possibility and approach problems differently than most. You thrive on new beginnings and reinvent yourself repeatedly. You love both internal and external makeovers. You do what you feel you need to in an effort to nurture personal growth for yourself and those around you. You are okay with either fixing or scrapping problems. Peridot is believed to bring vitality.

September: Sapphire

Sapphires represent wisdom. You search for the truth even if it ends up being unpleasant. You require answers but don't believe that there is only one truth. You believe it is constantly changing and just part of your life's journey. It is believed the sapphires bring clarity. You can shut out distractions and focus on the things that are most important. You're loyal and honest with your friends and will tell your friends truthfully if something or someone is harming them.

October: Opal

Opals represent dreamers. You're both innocent and believe in the good in everyone and everything around you. The true definition of an optimist; you always see the glass as half full even when those around you are struggling to stay positive. You're a daydreamer and have faith your dreams will come true. Opals are believed to bring genuine friendships. You have a lot of friends, and get along with almost everyone. You aren't ever mean which draws people to you.

November: Topaz

Topaz is sensible. You are tough but fair. You are able to see the difference between right and wrong and value friendship and loyalty. Once you have a friend, you are a friend for life. Topaz is believed to promote healing and bring sanity. You bring balance and moderation to a hectic, unbalanced, immoderate world. You easily can put things into perspective and avoid drama whenever possible to save your strength for the things that truly matter.

December: Turquoise

Turquoise represents a free spirit. You're creative and full of imagination, going out of your way to live the life you choose. You won't live a conventional life just to please others. You love to be inspired and inspire others. Turquoise is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune. Even if you don't feel rich, you likely feel fortunate. You are unforgettable and unique, with many looking up to you for your ability to be yourself without worry of the opinions of others.

So there you go! Brief explanations of what different birthstones mean. One thing I do want to point out though is that if you aren't fond of your birthstone and want something flashier or just different in a piece of birthstone jewelry, don't worry. Some of the birthstone colors are so vibrant I can't blame people for wanting some variety in their collection. Birthstone rings make great gifts too, for anyone out there looking for a gift for a significant other! Hint hint...

Let me know what your favorite pieces of birthstone jewelry are and if you agree or disagree with the descriptions above. Thanks for reading!