Gemstones And Metals That Flatter Your Skin Tone

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Everyone always wants to look their best. We always want to wear what looks best on us, according to our body shape, our height, our coloring, and our hair. Jewelry is no exception: When it comes to a special piece of jewelry that you are going to wear often, you want it to look good on you. I remember when my redheaded cousin came to me a few months back and wanted to purchase a more expensive ring. She wanted to be sure that the metal that was used would flatter her fair skin and red hair and that the gemstone would look great on her. We should all think about this, especially for a bridal piece or a special piece that you'll wear for many years to come. It is very important to remember that your skin tone is related to your genetics, not your environment: It is possible to have darker skin with a cool tone or vice-versa.

Cool Skin Tones

If you have pink or red undertones in your skin and the veins on the underside of your arm or wrist look blue in natural light, you have a cool skin tone. Bright-colored gemstones look best on people with cool skin tones. Red, green, blue, purple, and pink stones look the best on this type of skin tone. Your best choices for gemstones include rubies, garnets, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite, topaz, or amethyst.

When it comes to the metals used in your jewelry, if you have cool skin tones, you need to stay on the white or silver side. Some of the better metals that are white or silver-toned include white gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and titanium. When it comes to cool skin tones, you need to be looking for jewelry that doesn't have any yellow in it. This will make your skin appear pale, unhealthy, and unattractive.

Warm Skin Tones

If you have yellow or gold undertones in your skin and the veins on the underside of your arm or wrist look more green in natural light, you have a warm skin tone. Gemstones that have more of an earthy or natural color will look better on warm skin tones. Some of these colors are orange, yellow, turquoise, tan, and brown. Gemstones that you should wear when you have this coloring include golden pearl, fire opal, orange sapphire, citrine, peridot, aquamarine, or turquoise.

The metals that someone with warm-toned skin should wear differ from those for someone with cool-toned skin, as those will make their skin appear ruddy. The metals with brown or yellow hues work better than those with white or silver hues for those with a warm skin tone. Metals that work best include yellow gold, brass, copper, or pewter.

Matching Hair Colors

When you're choosing earrings, a necklace, or another piece that will be close to your hair, you might want to consider the color of that, too. If your hair is gray or white, your best gemstone colors include black, burgundy, and navy blue for both warm and cool skin tones. Some examples would be darker garnets, onyx, and darker sapphires. Those with black hair also look best in bold and dark colors for both skin tones. Bold blue, green, and purple stones include sapphire, emerald, and amethyst. Brunettes with cool skin tones should stick with black, white, pink, and red stones, and silver is the best choice for metal. Brunettes with warm skin tones need to stick with earth tones such as orange-red, green, or brown. Redheads of all shades can wear just about any color; sometimes, both bold and neutral colors look good on those lucky few. Ashy blondes usually have cool skin tones, so reds, pinks, and purples look best. Golden blondes usually have cool skin tones as well, although with the warm golden tone of the hair, some neutral colors look flattering on them as well. A golden blonde can wear a more earthy green or blue color as well.