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Guys! How to find your ring size

Most men don't like to frequent the jewelry department, that is, unless they have a fetish for the sparkly stuff. Men want the simple things like a school ring or a luxury watch. The first time most guys walks into a jewelry shop, destined to break the bank, is for engagement rings or something along that line. When guys look for mens rings for themselves the first time around getting the size right can be tough, especially if you don't get to try the ring on first.

I know that nearly every guy I talk to has problems remembering their size. Ring numbers aren't something guys are good at. It's not a bad thing at all - it's just the fact that most men are not comfortable buying rings. My friends like to buy their jewelry online because it takes away the hassle of dealing with sales associates. The only issue men have with buying mens rings online is they do not know if they were ordering the right size or not.

If you're planning to buy online, it is important to know the exact size ring that suits you. It's critical to learn as much as possible about the different ways of sizing yourself if you are unable to get to a professional who will be able to correctly size you. The time and convenience it saves you will amount to greater savings than any amount of money.

Since a lot of my friends ask about men ring size, I wanted to help out by putting together a few ways you can determine ring sizes for men.

  1. Order sample sizers. Larson Jewelers can provide you with free little rings like the professional ones they use to measure men ring size at jewelers. Each one of the plastic rings will have marks on them that will indicate the size. Simply try on the ring that closely fits your finger until you find one that fits to your liking.
  2. Using a ring size chart can be easy to figure a ring size if you already have a ring to go by. Just measure up or down using the chart, depending on whether the ring is smaller or larger than your finger.
  3. Use a piece of paper or string for sizing. Take a small strip of paper or string and wrap it around your finger, marking it where it overlaps. Then take a ruler and determine the measurement using millimeters. Using a size chart, that can be found online, convert the numbers into a ring size.
  4. Using a paper sizer is probably one of the easiest methods. Just cut them out and wrap them around your finger.
  5. The last and final method is to visit a jeweler in person to get your finger sized.

Finding the right sizes for men isn't as hard as you may believe. Even though I may have friends that like to take the easy road, it doesn't mean you have to do the same. Use your creativity and follow some of the suggestions and I'm sure that you will get the right size ring the first time.