How to Choose a Promise Ring: Metals, Gems, Sizes, More

A promise is a sacred pledge to honor a commitment. Whether you promise to always be honest about your feelings or you give an oath of eternal fidelity, your promise to your significant other is one of the most important you'll ever make.

Giving a promise ring as a symbol of devotion is a practice that dates back to Roman times and has resurfaced in many eras. The modern trend is popular among romantic couples who prefer cohabitating over traditional marriage, but who still want to show the world their relationship goes beyond just dating.

If you're ready to take your commitment to the next level, you might have questions about how to choose a promise ring that adequately symbolizes your love story. The pros at Larson Jewelers have great advice on selecting metals, gemstones, styles and sizes of rings that not only suit your beloved but help cement your bond.

How to Choose a Promise Ring

The first step in choosing a promise ring is to narrow down the style of ring. If the two of you bonded over a shared obsession with Starfleet Command or Marvel Comics, there are lots of nerdy ring bands to express your mutual pop-culture weirdness. If you'd like to go a more traditional route, start by considering the material your promise ring will be made of.

Metals - While sterling silver and yellow or white gold are the most common promise ring metals, you've got lots of other choices. Tungsten carbide rings are more durable and scratch-resistant than other precious metals, making them a great choice for people who work with their hands. Tungsten can also be plated with other metals and is available in a range of color and inlay options. Other choices include titanium and ceramic, which are nickel free, making them great for people with allergies.

Gemstones - Adding a sapphire, emerald or ruby to a promise ring can make it more personal and meaningful. Gemstones carry magical properties that go beyond your beloved's birth month, though that can be a powerful symbol for many couples. Whether it's the mystical protection of an amethyst, the good fortune of aquamarine or the inherent security of topaz, looking into the meaning of gems is an excellent method for how to choose a promise ring.

The Art of Ring Engraving

Custom laser engraving makes the meaning of your relationship literal. Add your names, a special date, words from a poem or another personal message to a promise ring for a powerful statement. The modern art of laser engraving opens an entire world of possibilities that go beyond just words. Choose customized artwork that symbolizes how unique you are, from your fingerprint or handprint to your respective signatures. Laser etching is fast and accurate, so you know your promise ring will be perfect.

Ring Sizing Guide

No matter what metal, gemstone or personalized message you select, the most important element in how to choose a promise ring is getting the correct size for your beloved's hand. Most jewelers and online jewelry sites offer a ring sizing guide, but you've got one more choice to make. The difference between Standard Fit vs. Comfort fit rings matters, especially if you and your partner plan to take your rings off periodically. Either way, choosing the right size and fit shows your partner you care about the details, which can set you both up for long-term relationship success.