How to Choose Couple Rings

Choosing wedding bands is a big decision. You'll likely have many questions during this process, including:

  • How much should you spend on wedding rings?
  • Do husband and wife rings have to match?
  • Are matching rings appropriate for nontraditional couples?
  • Does my wedding ring have to match with my engagement ring?

The pros at Larson Jewelers have helped thousands of couples prepare for that all-important walk down the aisle. When it comes to how to match rings to your personalities, lifestyle and budget, we've got you covered.

Read on for our advice on how to pick wedding bands and if wedding rings should match to make your journey toward happily-ever-after a little easier.

Should Wedding Rings Match?

This is the big question many couples get stuck on. Do husband and wife rings have to match? The short answer is no - but the longer, more nuanced answer digs into who you are as a couple. The idea of matching rings for couples is a bit old-fashioned, but it can be meaningful for many people. If your lives are so in sync that a matched set of wedding rings symbolizes your unwavering unity, go ahead and make that choice. But if you and your beloved stick together despite your difference - or because your differences add to the beautiful complexity of your union - choosing wedding rings that differ can be a symbol of your individuality. The bottom line is that there is no rule that governs whether wedding rings should match.

Matching Rings for Couples in Sync

For those couples who love the idea of matching wedding bands, you still have some decisions to make! There are tons of matching rings for couples to choose from, so let's start with the basics. Here's how to match rings to your budget, lifestyle and love story:

  1. Choose a metal - Yellow and white gold are the most traditional wedding ring metals but also on the expensive side. Consider scratch-resistant tungsten carbide, virtually unbreakable silicone and lightweight, hypoallergenic ceramic as tougher and more affordable options.
  2. Find your fit - It's important that both your rings fit securely and comfortably. Use an online fitting guide or have your jeweler measure your fingers before you buy. We also offer free ring sizers here.
  3. Tell your story - Add a custom engraved date, fingerprint or phrase to matching rings for couples to feel that each ring is still unique.

How to Match Rings That Don't Quite Match

Choosing rings that don't match is just one of the many updated traditions for modern couples. You can still create a sense of unity if you think about how to match rings in tone rather than in identical design. For example, choosing the same metal with each of your birth stones makes a lovely coordinating set. If the two of you connected over your love of pop culture or superheroes, opting for nerdy wedding rings that feature your respective favorites is a great idea. Look at finding out how to match rings that satisfy both your needs as your first foray into the world of compromise that will help your marriage last.

Matching Wedding Bands to the Engagement Ring

Another consideration for some couples is how to match rings to the lady's engagement ring. In general, choosing a coordinating style is easier when you get both rings from the same place. Always wear your engagement ring when trying on wedding bands. Then simply go with your gut. If the band looks and feels good, it's the right one for you.