How to Clean a Titanium Ring

Titanium is becoming a more popular metal for rings. This lightweight metal is more scratch resistant than traditional platinum, silver or gold bands, and it’s stronger than these metals. Titanium rings are hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin, and they are a super affordable option. If you’re used to gold or platinum jewelry, you might be wondering how to care for and clean your titanium ring. The good news is it’s easy to clean titanium rings and keep them looking their best - no special polisher or machine required.

Cleaning Your Titanium Ring

You don’t need anything special to clean your titanium wedding band with. In fact, you likely already have the bare necessities around your house. All you need is warm water, a microfiber cloth, and a mild liquid soap or ammonia glass cleaner. You can also use a store-bought jewelry cleaning solution, but regular soap works just fine.

To clean a standard, non-anodized titanium ring, simply fill a bowl or sink with warm water and your mild soap or cleaning solution. Let the ring soak for at least five minutes before gently rubbing it with a non-abrasive washcloth. Then, rinse your ring and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Don’t let your titanium ring air dry or you risk leaving water spots behind. Ammonia glass cleaners like Windex can be used after you’ve removed any dirt and grease with the soapy water.

If you want to polish your ring, you can use polishing rags found at most jewelers. You can also use a cream metal polish to remove minor scratches. After using the cream polish, make sure to wash any residue off with mild soap.

Titanium Rings with Inlays or Stones

If your titanium ring has an inlay or gemstones, you’ll want to be more careful while cleaning it. When it comes to a titanium ring with a wooden inlay, you don’t want to expose it to water for too long, so it’s best to dampen the cloth to clean the titanium band and use a dry cloth to clean the inlay. For rings with inlays made of precious metals like gold or materials like mother of pearl, you can still use soap and water, but you want to be extra gentle while cleaning the inlay. You also want to avoid any cleaners with chlorine in them.

For gemstones, you want to follow best care practices for your particular stones. For example, titanium rings with diamonds are generally okay to clean with normal soap and water. However, you’ll want to be extremely careful with soft stones like pearls or turquoise.

Colored Titanium Rings

Many colored titanium rings have been anodized to achieve their color. These rings must be handled differently than standard titanium rings during the cleaning process. Harsh rubbing can cause the color to come off, so you need to avoid cleaners with abrasives. You can soak these rings in soapy water, but make sure you don’t rub or scrub them. After you’ve soaked any grease or oil off, soak the ring in a glass cleaner and rinse with warm water before air drying.

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