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How to Clean Tungsten Rings in 5 Easy Steps

Tungsten rings are designed to be durable and, therefore, the maintenance on them is relatively low. Unlike silver and gold, which are softer metals, tungsten will not scratch or tarnish as easily. (Cleaning tungsten rings) with a polished finish will leave you with a shiny look that is likely to never develop stains or scratches.

Because this metal is so low maintenance, it is very popular in men's jewelry – especially the ring department. Even though it is fairly easy process when (cleaning tungsten carbide rings), be advised that this is a metal that can react harshly when it comes into contact with certain chemicals and methods. So, if your tungsten ring needs a good shine, try using these tips to ensure that you clean it properly the first time around.

(How to Clean Tungsten Rings)

The first thing you must realize before all else, when (cleaning tungsten rings), is that you should use precaution with the chemicals being handled and there should never be a rush to clean your jewelry. It will not take long to get the ring looking like new but, even if it took a while, you should never rush things. Follow these five steps when (cleaning tungsten carbide rings):

  1. You can use regular household items when (cleaning tungsten carbide rings). Start by mixing a couple drops of soap with a bowl of warm water. Regular mild dish detergent or dish detergent is just fine but it is better to avoid any products like chlorine, bleach and ammonia. Even pre-packaged cleaning solutions can damage tungsten by reacting poorly with the composition.
  2. Now that your cleaning solution's ready, take a cotton cloth and soak it into the solution. Grab your tungsten ring and place it inside the wet cloth. Scrub rigorously to clean the ring and remove any dirt or debris.
  3. Inspect the ring after a few minutes to ensure that the easy to clean areas are cleaned. Now, take a toothbrush or cotton swab and clean any hard to clean spots, like those that have gemstones or ridges.
  4. Cleaning certain rings can be a hassle because of their size or make. If this happens to you, do not worry! The very gentle solution is great for leaving your ring in for a prolonged amount of time. Let the soap do the most of the work for you. This may be the case for people who work near grease or oil, like mechanics. Also, if you feel that scrubbing isn't doing the job, come back to this step and just soak the rings for a little longer.
  5. Once the ring has met your standards, just rinse it off with warm water and dry it off with a clean cloth.

Following certain guidelines will help you immensely when you first learn (how to clean tungsten rings). It is very important to always clean your ring if you expose it to harsh chemicals. This one little helpful hint will prolong the life of your tungsten jewelry exponentially. With that being said, if you know that your day will be consisting of interaction with certain strong chemicals, remove your jewelry just to err on the side of caution.