How To Green Up Your Wedding With Plants


Green is the color that represents life. When you are planning for the union of a wonderful, exuberant couple who embody life and love and all that it represents, greenery and potted plants are perfect ways to decorate the wedding or reception or even to spruce up the bridal party accessories. One of my college suitemates got married and had a very simple ceremony and reception. She opted out of using flowers and decided to go with greenery and potted plants instead. She carried a bouquet of cascading ivy, and the aisle was lined with potted plants and more ivy. It was simple and lovely and was certainly perfect for my girlfriend's wedding.

How to Use Plants

Use potted plants in the same way that you would use traditional wedding flowers. Carry a cascading bouquet of greenery, or have your bridesmaids carry something green without buds or any other color. Boutonnieres can be a simple sprig of greenery as well. Use plants on tables at the reception, as buffet table décor, or on the wedding party's table. Use them as accent décor or as a centerpiece on a dessert table. Line the aisle at your ceremony with plants in lieu of flowers, or even surround the dance floor to block off that space and make it separate from the rest of the area. You could use potted plants to hide things that you don't want to be major focal points for guests at your ceremony or reception as well: Hide the sound equipment or the area where the servers enter and exit the room with a wall of larger potted plants. Use smaller pots with smaller plants for holding place cards or table numbers, or even use them as gifts for your guests. A plant can even be used for a sweet unity ceremony during your wedding ceremony, pouring water onto the plant to symbolize pouring effort into the marriage.

Benefits of Wedding Plants

It's no secret that a bride can spend a pretty penny on flowers for her wedding decor. If you are trying to save some money on wedding expenses, opting out of flowers and using potted plants instead can be a big help. Giving out tiny potted succulents to your guests could be less expensive than other wedding favors. And going with greenery instead of flowers for your bridesmaids and groomsmen will help you save as well. You can also save money by using greenery because plants tend to have more volume than flowers, so fewer potted plants will be needed in order to do the same job as cut stems.

Using greenery won't just save you money, though: You might be saving yourself or your guests some sniffles and sneezes as well. If anyone attending your wedding is allergic to flower pollen, they'll be happy to hear that you're planning a pollen-less party by using green, leafy potted plants instead of flowers. No hankies will be needed, at least for sneezing!