How to Make Your Tungsten Ring Sparkle Like the Top of Mr. Clean's Beautiful Bald Head


Tungsten rings are jewelry's hottest item. Their amazing qualities have allowed for unparalleled style and design that, to date, have yet to be matched. However, there are people in the world that are still unaware of the hidden gifts that this terrific metal holds.

Learning how to clean tungsten rings is easier than one thinks. The superior physical qualities of tungsten metal help make ring cleaning virtually carefree. A true tungsten carbide ring holds its shine forever even though, over time, it may accumulate smudges or fingerprint smears. These can be taken off quite easily with a jewelry polish cloth or even an everyday soft cloth.

Tungsten rings come in every shape and size these days especially since the metal is known for its high quality. In fact, it is so sought after that many couples are using tungsten as wedding rings / bands. Cleaning wedding ring is a breeze and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. However, if you have a tungsten wedding ring, ring cleaning only takes a minute or two. Here are some helpful tips for cleaning your ring:

  1. Removing lotion or oil. There is a chance that you might get hand lotion or oil on your hands, especially if you work with cars. The best thing to start out with is wiping your ring down with simple rubbing alcohol. This will help break down the chemicals inside the oil or lotion and help bring out your ring's beautiful, durable finish.
  2. Removing dirt. Doing normal daily activities will cause you to pick up grime and dirt. If you are cleaning wedding ring, it can be as easy as using soap and warm water. No need to take your ring off either. In fact, if you are really dirty, just jump in the shower and bath accordingly. Your ring will look as new as it did the day you bought it. There will be times when the tungsten looks like it has been scratched. True tungsten carbide cannot be scratched, in all reality. What the debris is, in most cases, is dust or some other material that has attached itself to the metal and is more difficult to remove than normal grime or dirt.

Care Tips

  1. Try to avoid using ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on your tungsten ring. If you want your ring to shine like Mr. Clean's beautiful bald head, it is preferred that you don't leave your ring in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners for more than 60 seconds. Also, never combine cleaning agents either. Doing so will allow harsh chemical agents to merge forming severe compounds that could damage your skin.
  2. After exposed to harsh chemicals, clean your ring immediately. Just because tungsten is one of the stronger metals in the world, doesn't mean that it cannot be damaged.
  3. Store your ring away from other jewelry that has been cleaned with harsh chemicals. Just because your tungsten ring wasn't cleaned with a harsh chemical, putting it in with others that have can cause serious issues. Leave it aside.
  4. Diamonds and tungsten do not mix. There are very few substances on the planet that can scratch tungsten and diamonds happen to be one of them. Keep diamonds away from your tungsten rings.