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How to Take Care of Tungsten Rings

How to care for tungsten rings

Many men and women choose to go with a tungsten ring, when choosing their wedding band. This is because tungsten wedding bands tend to require much less care and maintenance then gold or platinum wedding rings. Tungsten carbide rings are very durable and scratch resistant, unlike gold rings, which can scratch even while you are cleaning them. However, that’s not to say tungsten rings never need to be cleaned to look their best, but careful not to use the wrong types of cleaning solutions which could cause damage to your ring.

How to Clean Tungsten

What you will need: a clean cotton towel, mild hand soap (like Dial or Soft Soap) and an old toothbrush.

Turn on the water and rinse your ring. Dispense some liquid hand soap onto the toothbrush. Then, go ahead and clean the ring using the toothbrush. Be sure to get the bristles of the brush into any grooves or intricate patterns on the ring where dirt can easily get lodged. If your ring is really dirty, you may consider mixing some water and soap together in a cup, and let your ring soak in it for about 30 minutes before you start cleaning.

Once your ring is clean, go ahead and rinse the ring under warm water. Finally, dry the ring with a clean cotton towel. Now your tungsten ring is all clean and ready to wear again.


Be sure NOT to use any harsh cleaning chemicals, such as ammonia, bleach, and chlorine. These chemicals can damage all jewelry, not only tungsten jewelry. Avoid using jewelry cleaning solutions as they are usually formulated for other metals and they may contain chemicals not suitable for cleaning tungsten. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are also not recommended. They are not necessary to make your tungsten ring look its best and the solutions they use may damage your ring.

How to Care for Your Tungsten Ring

As mentioned earlier, chemicals such as ammonia, bleach and chlorine can damage your tungsten ring. Therefore, it is best not to go into the Jacuzzi or pool with your ring. When using bleach to do your laundry or just doing general household cleaning, it is best to remove your ring. If any of these chemicals get on your ring, it is best to quickly rinse your ring off and follow the above cleaning procedure to make sure no permanent damage happens.

Many people believe because tungsten rings are so hard and scratch resistant, they also must be indestructible. While tungsten does have many desirable properties when compared to other metals, it is still not indestructible. There is nothing on this planet which we cannot destroy. For example, diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. There is nothing that we know of that is harder than a diamond. Nothing can scratch a diamond, except another diamond. However, this does not mean diamonds are indestructible. Given enough shock or pressure a diamond or a tungsten ring can break. Reputable retailers usually offer a free lifetime warranty for these kinds of accidents. Be sure to check and make sure there are no hidden fees in case your ring breaks or cracks, and you need to replace it.