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How to Propose to your Man

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Asking a man to marry you half a century ago was unthinkable. Society had taught us that it was the male's job in the relationship to do the asking. Society has changed, though, and now more women are asking men to spend their lives with them. Many can contribute this to the timing between two people. There comes a time in every relationship where you decide to take things a step further and formalize matters by marrying that special someone. At the turn of the new millennium, it was no longer necessary for women to wait for the man to propose. We could finally take that step ourselves, but that meant doing things that were unique and different so the love of our life knew how much the proposal meant.

I know how much my partner means to me; and ladies, I know how much your man means to you. When your guy is the person you want to share the rest of your life with, it's time to take the next step. Think of this step as being just as important as slipping on the rings during your wedding. Below are five ideas to help you make that perfect proposal.

Proposal Ideas

Show him the writing on the wall. By writing, "Will you marry me?" on the wall, he will get the picture loud and clear. Blindfold and bring him in to where he is standing in front of the wall where you have posted your proposal. Chances are, since you two love each other immensely, he will happily say yes. You can do this on the wall of your house, where it is a little more private, or you can plan for something a little more exciting by going to the place you two first met, etc. Just don't actually write on the wall. You can use pin-up letters instead or a projector.

That leads us to the next option – taking your partner to the same place where you both met. Have a little fun with it but do not let on that something big is about to happen. Before he starts to suspect anything, get on your knees and propose. It will be exciting and very romantic.

Making up a photo album with all your memories - birthdays, trips, first kiss, all that comes to mind - is a great way to go down memory road. Men actually like this stuff as well so do not feel like this is a little "girly" because it isn't. On the final page, ask him to marry you!

There is nothing more romantic than a couple embracing on the beach. But having a plane fly above you carrying a huge banner asking if he'll marry you, will make the moment. A woman that proposes correctly is destined to be happy.

If you're willing to spend a little more on your proposal, order a professional movie trailer portraying scenes from the time the two of you have spent together. End the trailer with female actor that is portraying you making the perfect proposal to the male actor portraying your boyfriend and future (fingers crossed!) fiancée.

Don't stress out about choosing a ring either. Being a woman that proposes to her boyfriend with the perfect, masculine ring is bound to find happiness.