How to Tastefully Wear Men's Jewelry

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How to Tastefully Wear Men's Jewelry

It's interesting to me how different fashion is from one gender to the next, and how much of a statement items as simple as gold chains or men's rings can make. I personally love a piece of statement jewelry from time to time; however, my fiancée doesn't really wear much jewelry but once we are married I promise you, he'll be wearing his wedding ring at all times! with the exception of a nice set of cufflinks at a formal event, or a simple, underwhelming chain around his neck. I don't blame him for his reservations about wearing more jewelry as a guy though, if only because celebrities like that guy from Jersey Shore make wearing a gold chain seem completely foolish. That's beside the point though. Or is it? How about I take a few minutes of your time to explain to you men out there how you should wear men's jewelry and the good and the bad about doing so.

Match Your Metals!

I realize that more and more jewelry items are showing up for both sexes that mix metals, silver and gold especially, but I'm here to tell you that wearing both is VERY difficult to pull off well. Keep it matching. If you have a nice set of gold cufflinks and want to pair them with a chain, choose one that is the same gold as the links. If you're wearing a ring that is silver, try to keep the cufflinks and any other items silver as well. There are exceptions to this though. Some ring styles, wedding rings for example, are acceptable even if they don't match your watch or cufflinks.

Keep It Simple

You aren't Flavor Flav so wearing a giant clock around your neck is probably not a good idea. (Unless it's Halloween and for one day you actually are Flavor Flav.) Remember that as a guy, any men's jewelry you wear is probably going to get you noticed. Even something as simple as a rubber bracelet to support a good cause may catch some attention. While some attention is good, being known for your "bling" is not.

For help with knowing how much you can get away with wearing without seeming completely nutty, there is a handy chart to help you.

Understand The Meaning Behind Your Pieces

This is one both men and women should watch out for. A lot of jewelry is created to send a message , and while some messages are clearer than others, it's really easy to send the wrong one. Men's rings have pretty obvious meanings most of the time but there are other items that can imply other things as well. Have you ever seen a guy walking around with a bandana tied around his wrist and assumed he was a guitar player? Jewelry works a lot like that. People may assume your knotted rope bracelet or choker around your neck means you are a surfer. Ring styles also make a statement. They may assume your big flashy gold ring means you're a snob. It's so easy to make assumptions about the people we meet from day to day that we forget sometimes that people are most likely making those same assumptions about us. That doesn't mean you should be super concerned about what people are thinking when they meet you, but don't disregard it either. As adults there are times when we know we will be judged on our appearance. Things like job interviews, first dates, etc. You need to be able to interpret a situation correctly to know when it is appropriate to wear a Batman wristwatch and when you should break out the Rolex. Which brings me to…

Be Aware of Dress Codes

It may seem unfair, or even unlikely in today's world, but there are still dress codes that people must adhere to. Businesses especially like to encourage, or flat out demand, that their employees dress a certain way and jewelry is part of this dress code. The specifics of what is and is not acceptable as far as men's jewelry are often a little fuzzy. A dress code may say that "tasteful" jewelry is acceptable and nothing more; but how does one decide what is tasteful? I hate to respond to a somewhat vague statement with an equally vague answer but I unfortunately have to go with - Use your best judgment.

Yup. Use your best judgment. It's a cop out; I know so, let me elaborate a little.

Certain jewelry items are most likely not going to be frowned upon. The more gentlemanly of items, such as cufflinks though my fiancé's Pac Man set may be pushing the line a little, tie tacks, and wedding rings are almost always going to be allowed, though not always called for. I think the majority of men don't have occasion to wear cuff links on a daily basis, and if your work place is business casual, cufflinks aren't needed.

Piercings are a tough one. While most businesses are going to frown at any facial piercing, ears may or may not be allowed, and if they are allowed, the types of earrings that the business will allow are going to vary. It's unlikely that large gauged ears are going to be accepted, but small gauges may be in some businesses. See why I gave a vague answer? Without actually reviewing a business's dress code myself and talking to the person who wrote it and will enforce it, it's impossible to give a definitive answer.

Be Yourself

And when all else fails and you still can't decide what you should wear and how to wear it, just do what feels right. With enough confidence you should be able to pull off any jewelry you decide to put on. Wear items you feel good in and that you think look good on you. Make your statements and be proud of who you are!

Alright my friends, I hope this helped you at least a little! Please feel free to share any other tips you may have!