Interesting Ways That Gemstones Have Been Utilized Throughout History

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Just as we currently believe that different vitamins and some foods have medicinal qualities, people and societies throughout history believed that different types of gemstones had some qualities that caused them to be helpful in different ways physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can't say that I believe that my gemstone jewelry is the only thing that will keep me healthy and of sound mind, but it sure didn't keep me from bringing my gorgeous aquamarine bracelet on a cruise last summer. If someone somewhere once believed that the aquamarine gemstone brings good luck on the sea, then who am I to argue?


The ancient Aztecs believed that turquoise was the stone of the gods, so they used it to worship them. During medieval times, turquoise was thought to bring good luck. Throughout history, it was believed to help with balance and energy, bring good luck, and protect the body and the eyes. The ancient Egyptians used turquoise as eye makeup by grinding it into a powder form.


The amethyst was believed by the ancient Romans to bring sobriety and encourage meditation. It was believed to help curb anxiety, promote digestion, help one sleep, and give them good dreams.


In ancient Greece, coral was believed to promote good health and stop one from bleeding. Tibetans believed that it helped heal blood disorders as well.


Both eastern Indians and Native Americans have believed that amber helps in the purification process for the environment, the mind, the body, and the soul.


The topaz is said to ward off evil spirits from those who wear the stone. It has also been used to keep one from having nightmares and night terrors.


Jade was used to make musical instruments in ancient China. It was thought to give protection after death, so Chinese emperors believed that they needed to be buried in a suit of armor made of the beautiful green stone. It was also thought to heal the kidneys and ward off kidney disease, and it also embodied wealth and good luck.


Ancient Egyptians believed that burying a loved one with quartz on their forehead would help them to arrive safely in the afterlife. Also, pharaohs believed that quartz balanced the different types of energies in their bodies.


The beautiful golden citrine has been used throughout history to boost energy levels and to help with self-confidence. It was also thought to bring wisdom, knowledge, and clarity of mind to those who wore it.


It was believed by many ancient cultures that the garnet wearer was kept safe from bodily harm. It was also believed that the garnet brought faith, love, and energy to those who wore the deep red gemstone.


Throughout history, pearls have been worn to show innocence, affluence, promote a free-thinking mind and bring tolerance and acceptance to the wearer.


As far back in history that anyone was sailing on the ocean, the aquamarine has had a reputation for bringing good luck to the sailor. It also was known to promote courage, hope, and the ability to keep a positive attitude in life.