Check Out These Labor Day Sale Highlights, Just In Time for Summer

Our Labor Day sale is here, and that means summer will soon be drawing to a close, but it doesn’t mean that's the end of fun in the sun. Understandably so, some jewelry lends itself better to the vibrant colors and warmer tones of the summer months. Not every piece has to be sleek, dark, and devoid of color.

One of the best times to grab summer-friendly jewelry, whether you’re talking about Men’s wedding bands or necklaces for women, is during an excellent jewelry sale. Wouldn’t you know it, Larson is currently having a Labor Day sale on a wide variety of beautiful, all-season jewelry.

Why not fire up that grill in style with one of these amazing pieces?

6 Awesome Summer Jewelry Styles from Our Labor Day Sale

Here are a few of the most colorful, and fantastic, pieces on sale:

tungsten photon matching wedding bands set thorsten rings

1. Tungsten Photon Matching Ring Set

Made just for couples, these Thorsten matching wedding bands are made of tungsten and have emerald green and sapphire blue opal inlays that are absolutely stunning. The beveled edges offer a seamless look and a fit that’s comfortable and friction-free.

They’re available in 6mm and 8mm widths, in a variety of sizes for both men and women. It doesn’t get more colorful than this!

If you like orange and red better, then check out the Nebula matching ring set!

Nymeria Tension blue sapphire ring

2. Nymeria Tension Set Blue Sapphire Titanium Band

Who says classy and elegant designs can’t have color? This gorgeous titanium band has a brilliant blue sapphire inlay that shines and glows in just about any environment, including outdoors in the sun. If you want to snag the attention of some guests or friends at a barbecue, this is certainly one way to do it!

It comes in a 4mm width, with multiple size options. There are no prongs or bezels, and no sharp edges, although they are clean. The center stone is held in place merely by pressure.

Quasar tungsten wedding band blue and green opal inlay

3. Quasar Tungsten Wedding Band with Blue and Green Opal Inlay

Opal being as beautiful, vibrant, and unique a stone as it is, we couldn’t resist including another. This tungsten band has a classic polished finish and clean edges, but the ocean-like inlay is what truly shines. It’s like staring into crystal-clear, inviting spring water!

The band comes in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm widths, so plenty of choices. It’s also available in several different sizes to custom fit any finger. It would add a touch of exotic to any ensemble, that’s for sure!

Labor Day sale: Barrucuda blue and purple inlay ceramic ring

4. Barracuda Black Ceramic Ring with Bevels and Blue-Purple Color Changing Inlay

Made of unique, high-tech ceramic, this ring has a gradient-style inlay that changes colors between blue and purple depending on the viewing angle. It gives off a fantastical yet stylish appearance, that’s sure to capture the eye of anyone nearby. If you’re just interested in looking good, well, it offers that too.

It comes in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm couples, offering the perfect opportunity to grab a matching couple set. It’s also available in several sizes.

Micah tungsten carbide bloodstone inlay ring

5. Micah Tungsten Carbide Ring with Bloodstone Inlay

Colorful yet subtle, this tungsten carbide ring has a polished finish with seamless, beveled edges. The bloodstone inlay offers a delightful mix of red and deep blue hues, giving off an almost rusty and esoteric feel. The design would beautifully match any skin tone, making the perfect summer piece.

It comes in an 8mm width, and several ring sizes to match most fingers. Don’t miss this one if you’re a big fan of verdant designs.

Labor Day sale: Tungsten ladies band with pink carbon fiber inlay

6. Pink Tungsten Wedding Band with Pink Carbon Fiber Inlay

For some, pink is a way of life, and for all others, life is wrong. This sleek ladies’ wedding band is made of tungsten, and it has a pink carbon fiber inlay that’s adequately bright, allowing it to stand above the polished and shiny finish. The beveled edges offer a comfortable and frictionless fit, with a seamless style.

It’s available in 6mm widths, with several ring sizes available. It should match that new summer dress wonderfully!