Larson Jewelers Announces New Ring Styles for Valentine's Day

The leading tungsten carbide rings retailer announces the addition of the new ring styles for its Valentine’s Day Sale.

IRVINE, Jan. 29, 2014 – Larson Jewelers ( is proud to announce they now have new Thorsten Ring styles, just in time for their Valentine’s Day sale. Thorsten’s new styles for 2014 include a 2 mm black ceramic for women, a pink ceramic ring for women, hammer finished styles, sand blasted crystalline finished styles, and a black ceramic and purple carbon fiber inlay style. They have also expanded the widths they now carry for many of their current ring styles that were previously unavailable.

Black ceramic rings have gained in popularity in recent years. Their main advantage is they are naturally black and require no plating. This means the black color will never fade or scratch off. Larson now carries a 2 mm line of black ceramic wedding bands for women. These tough yet beautiful rings are just as durable and scratch resistant as regular tungsten rings. One very beautiful black ceramic style has a rare lavender purple color carbon fiber inlay. They have even introduced a pink ceramic ring for the girly girls.

Larson Jewelers is always searching for the most unique ring styles. Without a doubt the sand blasted crystalline finish tungsten rings they now carry have one of the most unique and beautiful finishes on the market today. This finish gives the ring the appearance of miniature crystals on the surface of the ring, when in fact; the ring is made entirely of tungsten carbide. “This crystalline finish is simply gorgeous.” says Vanessa LeBeau, marketing manager for Larson Jewelers. Speaking of unique finishes, hammered finish rings are no exception. They now carry hammered finished styles in more widths and have added a hammered finish style white tungsten ring with polished beveled edges.

They have also expanded their carbon fiber inlaid styles with stone settings. One exciting new style is the introduction of colored gemstones in this line. They now have a tungsten ring with a black and green carbon fiber inlay, and a green emerald stone setting. Colored gemstones, such as emeralds are great for those who prefer more color in their wedding bands, instead of traditional white or black diamonds.

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