Larson Jewelers Becomes Authorized Lashbrook Retailer

The internet’s leading tungsten wedding band retailer announces they have now become an authorized Lashbrook Designs dealer.

IRVINE, Oct. 31, 2013 – Larson Jewelers ( is proud to become one of the few licensed Lashbrook Designs retailers online. Lashbrook Designs is the jewelry industry's premier supplier of alternative metal wedding bands. They are based out of Utah and produce over 50,000 styles of rings and wedding bands made of titanium, cobalt chrome, black zirconium, Damascus Steel and other exciting new metals. Their ring designs have won multiple industry awards recently and are touted as an up and coming designer in various industry trade publications.

Larson Jewelers and Lashbrook Designs are a great fit because Larson Jewelers specializes in retailing alternative metal wedding bands and Lashbrook specializes in designing and producing rings made of these extremely popular metals. By combining their strengths, both companies have formed a very powerful synergistic alliance to bring extremely well crafted ring to the bridal jewelry market.

As mentioned earlier, Lashbrook’s strength is in alternative metals, but within this market niche, they are very strong in camo inlay, wood inlay and meteorite inlay styles. Camo wedding rings exploded in popularity recently, probably due to the hit television series Duck Dynasty. Camo wedding bands took bridal jewelry market by storm and just surprised everybody, including industry veterans. No one would have ever thought that the word “camo” and “wedding rings” would ever go together.

Wood inlay ring styles originally started as a local arts and crafts type product out of Hawaii. This too has spiraled out of control and has now caught on across the entire United States. Lashbrook produces many types of beautiful hardwood inlaid style rings. They have red wood stains to charcoal wood stains, so there is a wood inlay style for just about everybody.

One of the rarest types of materials is meteorite from outer space, has also recently become all the rage in the jewelry industry. Lashbrook has created many beautiful styles of rings that have genuine meteorite from outer space as a component of their rings. This line of meteorite rings is truly a unique style made from a very rare type of metal. “People are always looking for a one of a kind ring. Well, with a meteorite ring couples can now have a truly out of this world ring.” says Vanessa LeBeau, Marketing and Merchandising Manager for Larson Jewelers.

All Lashbrook rings come with a lifetime warranty that covers accidental damage and size exchanges for a fraction of the cost of the ring. The greatest thing about the Lashbrook lifetime warranty is that they even cover lost or stolen rings, which is something no other manufacturers have ever covered until now.

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