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Larson Jewelers Increases 4 mm Tungsten Wedding Bands Styles for Men and Women

Larson Jewelers, the leading online retailer of tungsten wedding bands, announces even more 4 mm wide tungsten ring styles and sizes to meet growing demand from women consumers who have come to appreciate tungsten jewelry and men who prefer narrower, less bulky rings. This is part of their new collection for the Fall season.

Larson Jewelers initially offered a 4 mm tungsten ring line due to more and more women turning towards tungsten as their metal of choice for wedding bands and because of the lack of feminine styles being offered in the marketplace. ”Since women responded so well to our 4 mm tungsten rings for women line, we have decided to increase the number of styles being offered.” says Jonathan Larson, founder of Larson Jewelers, “Many of these styles we also sell in 6 mm and 8 mm, so now even more couples can have matching wedding bands.”

They have also increased all their size offerings for their 4 mm line. They now carry sizes 3.5 to 12.0 in all of their 4 mm styles. This is due to the growing number of men who prefer lighter, less bulky rings. Many tungsten rings sold on the market today have poor craftsmanship, which leads them to be thicker than necessary. Many people find these lesser quality tungsten rings to be too thick and uncomfortable to wear. Many other retailers’ lesser quality offerings are about 2.3 mm – 2.5 mm in thickness, while Larson Jewelers only carries 4 mm rings that are about 1.6 mm – 2.0 mm thick. With the 4 mm line, men and women can now get the durability of tungsten as well as comfort.

Besides comfort, there are many men out there who are not used to wearing rings, but have to wear one because they will be getting married. This makes the 4 mm line ideal for men who are not flashy and want a comfortable, yet stylish ring to show their commitment to their soul mate.

Larson Jewelers has worked extensively with Thorsten Rings, the creator of the 4 mm line, to come up with the best looking styles that both men and women of discerning taste would appreciate. ”The folks at Thorsten Rings have been very attentive and supportive towards our clients’ needs. Since we hear on a daily basis what kinds of rings they are looking for, Thorsten values our customers’ comments highly.” says Larson. The result of their precision craftsmanship and their meticulous attention to detail has been phenomenal. The rings practically speak for themselves.