Larson Jewelers Introduces Fingerprint Rings Line

The leading tungsten rings retailer, Larson Jewelers, announces the creation of a new fingerprint rings line made of tungsten carbide.

IRVINE, May 30, 2013 – Larson Jewelers (, the leading destination for tungsten rings and wedding bands, has launched a fingerprint rings line. This new line features durable tungsten carbide rings with a loved one’s fingerprint engraved on to the surface of the ring.

In recent years, engraving a fingerprint on to a ring has exploded in popularity. Before this new line was introduced, Larson Jewelers had already been offering its customers a fingerprint engraving service, which was a great success. They decided to create a fingerprint wedding band line to help customers interested in these unique rings to order them with greater ease.

Couples are typically interested in rings with fingerprints engraved on them because it is a great way to show the world their love for one another, by wearing something that has a unique natural signature of that person. Although the fingerprint is visible to the public, unlike engraving a spouse’s name on a ring, it is at the same time kept anonymous. The supermarket cashier or the person on the subway will not be able to learn any private information about the wearer of a fingerprint ring. All strangers will be able to see is the person wearing a fingerprint wedding ring obviously loves his wife, wants her with him, and she is in his thoughts throughout the day, whether they are together or not. Quite frankly, that is all the world needs to know. “Our customers love the idea of being able to have a truly custom ring without having to spend a fortune, and by getting a spouse’s fingerprint engraved into the ring, it instantly adds sentimental value to the ring.” said Vanessa LeBeau, Marketing and Merchandising Manager for Larson Jewelers.

Larson Jewelers is also able to offer laser engravings in people’s own handwriting. Handwritten engravings are ideal for those who wish to engrave their special message into their spouse’s ring in a very personal way, instead of using a computer generated font. There are many couples who are either on a budget or simply do not wish to spend an obscene amount to express their love. Getting a fingerprint ring with a handwritten engraving is perfect for these types of couples because it is affordable, unique, and highly personal.

The new fingerprint ring line is offered in tungsten carbide because it is the most scratch resistant ring on the market. Other jewelers who offer fingerprint rings only offer them in silver and gold, which are very soft metals. This means the fingerprint will wear away in a short amount of time. Getting a fingerprint ring in tungsten carbide means one can wear the ring everyday and not worry about the fingerprint wearing away or scratching away at all. Since Larson Jewelers uses a laser engraver to burn the fingerprint on to the ring, that means they can offer fingerprint rings in any metal, including, silver, gold, platinum palladium, titanium and cobalt chrome.

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