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Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

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Larson Jewelers Introduces Headache Free Pricing, the leading online retailer men's wedding bands, is proud to announce their new "Headache Free" pricing, which aims to help customers keep the total cost of their wedding bands over the course of their lifetime down. Many people only pay attention to the initial cost of purchasing their wedding band. They don't think about re-polishing fees, re-sizing fees and replacement fees. Many jewelers know this, so they sell their customers a ring knowing later on their customers will need other services, which allows them to make a lifetime of fees from one single ring.
DENVER Raised Brushed Center with Gold Plating Tungsten Carbide Ring - 8 mm

At Larson Jewelers, we carry rings from manufacturers like Benchmark Rings and Thorsten Rings that offer lifetime warranties. Their warranties cover re-polishing, re-sizing and replacement due to accidental damage. This means customers who purchase our rings don't have to pay any additional fees for those services, for the rest of their life. Therefore, our headache free pricing means the customer will know exactly how much money their wedding ring will cost them during their lifetime, not just how much they have to pay today. "In these tough times, we want to help people get peace of mind and help them easily see what their total cost of ownership will be when they choose a ring from us," says Jonathan Larson, founder of Larson Jewelers. Best of all, these are warranties from the manufacturers, not the retailer. So, if the jeweler you bought your ring from ever goes out of business, you are still covered.

Usually, gold rings and rings made from other softer precious metals need to be re-polished or re-plated because they scratch easily. This has helped keep jewelers busy charging little fees here and there. Many customers who are tired of rings that scratch or wear easily have switched to alternative metals such as tungsten carbide. Due to the popularity of tungsten carbide wedding bands, the need to re-polish your rings frequently is no longer necessary. However, no metal is perfect. Tungsten doesn't scratch easily because it is a very hard metal and this extreme hardness makes it impossible to re-size. Softer metals such as gold can simply be stretched or compressed a little to change their sizes. If a person's finger size changes, they need to get a brand new tungsten ring in a different size

Every jeweler knows this and many just tell their customers they have to order a new ring if their finger size changes. Some jewelers claim their rings come with a "Lifetime Warranty" that covers re-sizing and replacement for life, but what they don't disclose is there are fees you have to pay in order to use their lifetime warranty. In effect, jewelers who use deceptive lifetime warranty policies are really just getting you to buy their ring with a false sense of security. In reality, these jewelers are the ones who now have secured from you a lifetime of fees they can charge you.

Many consumers who choose tungsten carbide rings can protect themselves buy reading about a jeweler's lifetime warranty policies. If their policies aren't clear, just ask them point blank if there are any other fees to use their lifetime warranty. After all, you have the right as a consumer to know what your total cost of ownership is on any product you purchase.

About provides one of the largest selections of tungsten carbide rings, palladium rings, cobalt chrome rings, ceramic rings and silver rings. At Larson Jewelers, we strive to provide the best customer service to make your shopping experience hassle free and headache free. "Besides offering great products and great service, also offers the best prices," says Larson. "In fact, if you can find a better price, not only will we match it, we will beat it."

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