Larson Jewelers Introduces Rose Gold Rings Line, the leading online retailer of men’s and women’s wedding bands, is proud to announce the introduction of their rose gold wedding bands line for men and women, just in time for the Fall season. This line is made for those who appreciate the value gold as an investment and the beauty of rose gold as a wedding ring.

Long ago, plain yellow gold was the only metal available to make wedding rings. As time progressed many couples have come to appreciate platinum, palladium and white gold because it was something different compared to their parents’ boring yellow gold wedding bands. Nowadays, everyone has wedding bands made of a white metal. Some couples want wedding rings that are unique and are willing to try even black wedding rings. However, if black rings are a bit too extreme for you, perhaps you should consider rose gold wedding bands.

Rose gold is made by mixing gold with copper. These two metals blend well together because they have many of the same physical properties. The copper give the “rose” color in rose gold. Rose gold has only recently become popular, but is taking the market by storm. While sales of yellow and white gold wedding rings are going down each year, rose gold jewelry sales are rising. Rose gold can be worn by both men and women. There are many men’s styles in rose gold these days.

Unlike other non-precious metal wedding rings, rose gold has intrinsic value, which increases over time as the value of paper money depreciates over time. Gold is non-tarnishing and can be passed down from generation to generation. Unlike white gold, rose gold’s color is not a plating and will not fade over time. Therefore, there is no need to re-rhodium plate it at all. “There are many couples who have been searching for something new and unique from their friends’ typical white metal wedding bands, with rose gold they have finally found what they looking.”, says Jonathan Larson, founder of Larson Jewelers.

Rose gold is also hypoallergenic because unlike other gold jewelry, it does not contain nickel. When people are allergic to gold jewelry it is not the gold they are allergic to, but the nickel that is mixed into the gold. Many of the rose gold styles are made by Benchmark Rings, which has a lifetime warranty, which covers size exchanges in case of change in finger size over one’s lifetime, accidental damage and re-polishing at no cost to the customer.

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