Larson Jewelers Introduces Swarovski Engagement Rings

The leading tungsten rings retailer, Larson Jewelers, announces they now carry engagement rings with a line of Swarovski crystal engagement rings.

IRVINE, May 31, 2013 – Larson Jewelers (, the leading destination for tungsten rings and wedding bands, has launched its first engagement rings line. This new line of engagement rings features luxurious Swarovski crystals and gemstones.

Larson Jewelers came up with the Swarovski engagement rings line as an excellent alternative to diamond engagement rings. Swarovski was founded in1895 in Austria, and today is headquartered in Männedorf, Switzerland. They have a worldwide reputation for creating the most precision cut and flawless stones, which give them unmatched brilliance and beauty. They source and manufacture their products ethically and follow the strictest environmental standards.

Couples are becoming increasing aware of diamonds and other gemstones that are produced in conflict areas or are mined in countries where workers are exploited. Although governments and jewelry producers try to prevent these types of stones from being sold on the world market, it is often difficult to enforce. In many cases, retail jewelers have no idea where their stones are from, and only have the word of the wholesaler that the stones they are buying are not from conflict areas and no workers were exploited.

Because Swarovski manufactures cuts and polishes their own gemstones in Austria, a country known for a high standard of living and high level of respect for the environment, couples can be certain there was no human suffering or environmental degradation involved in the production of their ring. “By choosing a Swarovski engagement ring, couples are able to have an engagement ring to symbolize their love that is not tainted in any way.” said Vanessa LeBeau, Marketing and Merchandising Manager for Larson Jewelers.

These beautiful engagement rings are available in round cut and princess cut stones. Although the pictures on the website show white color stones, pink and blue sapphires stones are also available. Engagement ring setting will be available in tarnish resistant argentium silver, palladium, and platinum. Larson Jewelers prefers to carry metals that are naturally white and do not need re-plating to stay white, like white gold. White gold settings are available on request, but not recommended.

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