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Larson Jewelers' New Black Ceramic Rings Line

The leading men’s wedding bands retailer announced the launch of their new ceramic rings line by Thorsten Rings, which are not plated and do not fade over time.

IRVINE, Aug. 21, 2012 – Larson Jewelers ( is now carrying a black ceramic rings line, made exclusively be Thorsten Rings, a company that specializes in alternative metals jewelry. This new line is ideal for couples who prefer a black ring that is black all the way through, not coated or plated and can scratch off.

Black ceramic rings are the best choice for customers who want a ring that is black in color, will not fade over time, and does not scratch. The other options for black rings are black titanium and black tungsten. A few retailers sell black titanium rings that are not plated, but the vast majority of black titanium rings being sold are plated and can scratch off rather easily. Even black titanium rings that are not plated can scratch since titanium is a softer metal than tungsten carbide. Black tungsten is also plated with a black titanium alloy. This is because tungsten does not naturally come in black colors. So, the only way to make it black is by plating it. Beware of any jeweler that tells you their black tungsten rings do not scratch. There are certain people who love the heavy feel of tungsten and so for those people, black tungsten is the preferred ring material for them.

Ceramic wedding bands are mainly made of a compound which contains the elements zirconium and silicon. This material is able to withstand extreme heat and is very hard, which makes it as scratch resistant as tungsten carbide rings. This type of material is used in many industrial and hi tech applications, such as ceramic tiles on the space shuttle or industrial molds to hold molten metal. This tough material is also light weight and comfortable to wear as jewelry.

Thorsten Rings developed their black ceramic wedding bands line because they saw that many consumers looking for a black ring end up choosing rings made of materials that are not as durable as they expected. “We feel people at Thorsten Rings came out with the black ceramic line at the right time because our customers have been asking for black rings that will always look new lately.” says Jonathan Larson, founder of Larson Jewelers.

The only drawback, which is a drawback for any material that is hard, is that ceramic rings can be brittle and crack, just like a diamond can, even though it can’t be scratched. However, all of the rings in this new line are backed by Thorsten’s industry leading free lifetime warranty, which covers size exchanges in case of change in finger size over one’s lifetime and protects against accidental damage; all this at no additional cost to the consumer.

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