Larson's Guide to the Art of Rings Engraving

Rings Engraving

The Rings Engraving Process

Are you curious how Larson transfers your messages to loved ones into a tiny little ring that you wear each day?

Have you ever wondered what it takes for us to imprint customized texts and symbols into a metal surface?

Welcome to the Art of Engraving.

Getting Started

Larson’s engraving artwork begins with a software program, utilized by our technicians — we like to call them ring artists. With the tool they project the text fonts, sizes, and symbols, position the

desired messages, and place them carefully in the center of the wedding bands. Generally, placement depends on the type of material or metal used to construct the ring. Our artists may place your messages on either the

inside or outside of the ring, creating a timeless and beautiful record for you and your loved one to share.

Fun Fact No.1: It’s not possible to engrave the outside of any Mother of Pearl or Wood Inlaid Rings, and we don’t recommend having it done elsewhere. That’s because they have elaborate and gorgeously designed patterns that will either be melted or charred by the engraving process.

Tips: If you prefer wedding bands with small diamonds, black sapphires, blue sapphires, multicolored pearls, or any gemstone inlays, it is safer to have your messages engraved on the inside. You end up with pretty gemstone rings to show off, and you still have something to cherish, privately with each other.

Our Industry-Leading Engraving Program

Rings Engraving

We offer one of the most personalizable engraving opportunities. Our program has over 200 font styles, and about 100 symbols, including heart signs, moons, crosses, camo signs, and, of course, zodiac symbols for horoscope and astrology believers.

Fun Fact No.2: For diamond, salt-pepper diamond, ruby, and emerald engagement rings with a suitably-sized stone in the center, we use a different type of laser-etching machine. It allows us to transfer the art, while keeping the stone in its original condition, as shiny and glossy as ever.

Engraving Fingerprints

Besides our unique font styles and small images, we also create artwork using personal fingerprints. Want your fingerprints, or a loved one’s, engraved on a band? We can do that.

Prior to handling your request, and before we send a fingerprint to our ring artists, each scan will be sent to a graphic designer for a photo retouch.

There’s nothing more romantic than wearing a fingerprint engraved ring from your lover, on your ring finger, closest to your heart.

Fun Fact No.3: Engraving a fingerprint takes longer to set up than the actual laser-etching process. A professional ring artist takes approximately 2 to 4 minutes to prepare a design, but our laser machine takes less than a minute to carve the message into your rings.

Laser Engraving Machine

Believe it or not, our wonderful laser engraving machine will etch your rings without help! We place the rings inside, close it, wait for it to finish, , and harvest the wonderful bounty! While it sure sounds like an awesome robot that everyone might dream of owning, it does take a lot of work to control the laser engraving. Without our efforts, things would go awry.

After the laser has been turned on, our ring artists adjust the focus and diameter to the ring’s size, directing a red laser to move either up, down, forward, or backward , once again, making sure to center the text vertically and horizontally.

Fun Fact No.4: Flawless engravings are still extremely challenging for even a professional artist as they must remember all essential machine settings and options. To make things easier, our technicians keep a few cheat sheets and stickers around their station for reference.

The More You Know

Wedding Rings Engraving ProcessWe have time for just one last question, so let’s make it interesting!

What does it feel like waiting for a laser machine to finish engraving a ring?

To be honest, we imagine it feels a lot like placing a whole, uncooked pizza in the oven. Once it goes in, you’re instantly excited to get the piping hot, and deliciously fresh pizza back out. We feel the same about your rings. With each new design, we are overcome with excitement, hoping they will be just as magical to you on your wedding day as they are to us.