March's Birthstone: The Lovely Aquamarine

I love the pale blue color of the aquamarine. I love the beach, the ocean, and the lovely history behind the birthstone for March. I wouldn't mind having a baby in the month of March so that I could claim a reason to occasionally wear that birthstone. If the color isn't enough to get you to want to wear this gorgeous gemstone, then the rich history and lore behind the blueish-greenish stone will. Personally, I think the more blue aquamarine stones represent the ocean, but the more clear stones appeal to me as well.

The History of the Aquamarine

Thought of as the stone of the mermaids, it was believed that the aquamarine gemstone had the ability to keep those at sea safe in their travels. In that manner, some also believed that it kept those stricken with seasickness free from nausea and those that were fearful of the sea free from fear. Some believed that the stone helps to make a constructive marriage with two people willing to have a partnership that will ensure happily wedded bliss for many years. During Ancient Roman times, people believed that the aquamarine had the ability to help couples get along and to turn longtime enemies into allies. It was also a popular gift for a groom to give his bride, as it was believed that the stone kept the couple's young love strong. Then, during the Middle Ages, it was thought that the aquamarine helped tell one's future, becoming an ideal crystal ball. It was often given to soldiers, as it was believed that the stone kept them free from injury and harm. It was also thought to bring victory in times of war. The aquamarine is believed to symbolize good and positive aspects in a person, such as hope, honesty, and loyalty, as well as happiness, good health, beauty, and youthfulness. Because it was such a symbolic stone, the Egyptians and Hebrews thought it was very valuable.

Colors of the Aquamarine

The aquamarine is usually found in anywhere from greenish-blue to blue to blue-green in color. The larger the stone is, the more colorful the stone tends to be. It is common for an aquamarine to be flawless on the inside. Every color of this stone is popular, from clear to greenish to blue-toned.

Aquamarine Mining

The aquamarine is most often found in Brazil, and this is also the country from which the most stones are exported. But they can also be found in other locations around the globe as well. Some of these places include Madagascar, Pakistan, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Myanmar, Namibia, China, and Russia. In the United States, the aquamarine can be found in California and Colorado.

Other Aquamarine Information

The largest aquamarine stone on record was found in Brazil in 1910. It had a total weight of 243 pounds and was approximately 200,000 total carats. Unfortunately, it was cut into many different smaller stones for the jewelry industry, so we can't admire its record-breaking beauty today.