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Men's Wedding Bands: To Diamond or Not to Diamond?

Should I get diamonds on a man's wedding band?

A wedding band with diamonds is the traditional style, but is it necessary for men’s wedding bands? Is it okay when a men’s wedding band has no precious stones?

Men's Wedding Bands With Diamonds

Over the past few years, diamond less men’s wedding rings have become quite popular. They tend to be cheaper, for obvious reasons, which means they meet the needs of a tight budget much better. However, men's wedding bands also look more sleek and seamless without a diamond jutting out of the polished or brushed surface.

Some of the more plain wedding rings, and simple wedding bands, are nothing more than a single, smooth piece of metal. Sure, they might be composed of sterling silver, gold, titanium, tungsten, or another hard metal, but they have no precious gem or stones inlaid.

Aren’t diamonds supposed to be symbolic of eternal love? They exemplify hardness, strength, and longevity, so they’re the perfect beacon for a lasting marriage. They really do last forever, by the way. Why remove them from the equation? Does it take away from the meaning of the band if there are no diamonds present?


Men’s Wedding Diamond Bands: Are They a Requirement?

The ring selection process is very personal and it should always follow what you and your significant other believe and want. It doesn’t matter whether a certain style or appearance is the norm. It should be all about your engagement and your union. What would you like?

Both men and women alike have the option to select either simple wedding bands or more elaborate pieces adorned with diamonds or precious stones. Men's diamond wedding bands come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Choosing between diamond or no diamond is similar to wearing an engagement ring or not wearing one. Some couples choose not to wear engagement rings, in other arrangements only the woman will wear one, and yet still, there are couples where both parties wear them.

Traditionally, only the woman would wear an engagement ring as a symbol of love and courtship. Today, men’s engagement rings are seeing a surge because a lot more men are interested in showing off their new engagement, just as their partner does.

As to whether or not a diamond is a requirement, the answer is no. It’s a matter of preference and taste.

Men’s wedding diamond bands no more signify a lasting marriage or love than those simple wedding bands without any stones. A band is a band, and it all comes down to what you and your significant other prefer to wear.

Should Men Wear a Wedding Band with Diamonds or Not?

Men can and do wear wedding bands with diamonds. Again, it’s a matter of preference and taste. Some men prefer to wear rings inlaid with a beautiful diamond or similar rare stone, while others prefer a simpler, more clean looking ring without them. There are some truly unique men's wedding bands in both types, so it's not like you're missing out by choosing to include the diamond, or by choosing to skip it. Realistically, many contemporary or modern men's wedding bands have no diamonds or precious stones.

Any respectable jeweler will offer both types, and more, and they'll also walk you through the selection process. We’re here to guide you to the type, style, and price-point that you desire. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for cheap men's wedding bands, men's silver wedding bands, or men's titanium wedding bands, we have you covered.

Larson Jewelers offers a huge selection of bands, and styles, including those with diamonds and those without. What are you looking for, and which type of Men’s wedding rings do you like most?