Mind your Tails

A sharp dressed groom wears many accessories including his tungsten rings. It’s time to get more familiar with the tails of his formal attire.

Concerning formal attire, a tuxedo usually is the best choice for a formal wedding. That does not mean that you have to dress expensively for your wedding or look like a stiff duck. There are a lot of alternatives to a formal look. Remember it all depends on your choice of wedding theme.Many of the pieces of your tuxedo have different colors to choose from. Look at the seasonal colors that are available at the time of your wedding and try to match up! Just make sure you choose an outfit that will look great with your wedding scheme, your weddng band from LarsonJewelers.com and at the same time feel great.

These are the material definitions for formal gear:

Formal daytime or Morning dress- this type of formal dress is suitable-forgive the pun-between the hours 11 and 4 and consists of:

1. Cutaway or stroller jacket–coat with the front of the material cut away, so as to leave only the rear section of the material open and cut down the middle to form tails. This style has been around for centuries and consists of two styles, namely the dress coat and the morning coat.
Waistcoat-a sleeveless upper garment worn over a white dress shirt, sort of like a vestand grey in color.

2. Striped trousers-pinstriped pants, usually gray in color but brown and black are new modern alternatives, with a single pleat and side pockets. You can also choose to wear dark colored suspenders.

3. White wing-collared shirt-this shirt is long sleeved,button-downed and pleated in the front with eyelets for cufflinks on its French cuff or double-rolled sleeved Studs are added to the button holes and collar of the shirt.

4. Striped tie or paisley decorated tie-either in a solid color or multiple tints.

5. Handkerchief- a silk patterned or plain cloth,either folded in a square or triangle, and then placed inside the front lapel pocket.

6. Top hats and short white gloves are optional but complete the over-all look.

Very formal eveningor White tie-

1. Black tailcoat
2. Matching striped trousers
3. White wing-collared shirt-
4. Waistcoat
5. Patent leather shoes-
6. Studs-shirt studs are very decorative and are used in lieu of buttons on a formal shirt. A popular type of stud is mother of pearl inlay or stylish jewel inlay.
7. Cufflinks-is afastener worn by men to connect the two sides of the shirt cuff on a dress shirt. These can be color coordinated with the wedding theme and can be great gifts for the wedding party.
8. Gloves


Daytime formal or Strollers-

1. Single or double-breasted coat- this can be grey or black
2. Formal trousers- either striped or checkered, but this trend is not really preferred,
3. Turn-down/laydown collar shirt- this is a shirt where the collar is folded down over the necktie.
4. Neck tie- usually grey or silver but you can also try to incorporate one of your theme colors as long as it is a solid color.
5. Waistcoat
6. Patent leather shoes
7. Cufflinks

Formal evening or Black tie

1. Black dinner jacket- or usually called a tuxedo coat
2. Tuxedo trousers-formal tuxedo pants that have satin stripes down the outside seam.
3. Waistcoat- can be either white or black.
4. Turndown/laydown tuxedo shirt
5. Bow tie- can be black or white
6. Cufflinks
7. Cummerbund or vest- can also be used in lieu of the waistcoat and color.Can be coordinated with the theme of the wedding.

Remember, if the invite does not specify the formal attire requirements, look to the invite/theme itself! If the invite/theme is very casual, choose a casual but stylish outfit. Consider dressing up in your more formal garments if the invite and wedding details are a bit fancy. In addition, make sure tuxedo attire is not planned for during the day. This style is best at a nighttime affair. Lastly, always get some help from your better half and never show-up in a t-shirt and cords!