Most Commonly Used Wedding Flowers


Ah, flowers. Any girl who has planned a wedding knows that one of the things that everyone seems to ask about is flowers. What flowers will be in her bouquet, the centerpieces at the reception, the decorations… finding a florist who can bring to life a bride's dream ceremony with beautiful bouquets is not always an easy task, especially if the bride isn't exactly sure what she is looking for. Does she want something classic? Unique? Well, if you want a little help deciding either way, feel free to use the list I've compiled below of the most popular flowers used in weddings. If you want something that has stood the test of time and remained one of the most sought after flowers for weddings, or if you want to know what to avoid in favor of something more unique, the following are listed in order of popularity, counting down to the most popular wedding flower.

5. Hydrangeas

In Victorian times people believed this flower represented vanity. Not necessarily something everyone wants to be known for, but at a wedding? If ever there was a reason to be a little bit vain and put a tiny bit of extra effort into your appearance, this would be it, so it makes sense that these flowers are as popular as they are. People want their weddings to be flawless, and hydrangeas come in several gorgeous shades including green, blue, burgundy, pink, and white. They are scentless and moderately priced, a good choice as a filler for larger arrangements or as a boutonniere.

Hydrangea Information

4. Lily of the Valley

Thin stems and bell shaped florets are defining features of this flower that has also been called the "ladder to heaven." Unlike the hydrangea, this flower has an unmistakable scent. It is available most of the year, most readily during the Spring. It is however rather expensive, especially when out of season. It comes in white and a rare pretty rosy-pink variety.

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3. Calla Lily

This flower has a trumpet shaped blossom and is also known as the arum lily. It comes in two different varieties, a small version that works well in boutonnieres and nosegays, and a larger variety with long stems ideal for presentation-style bouquets and tall arrangements. The flower comes in a lot of colors, with ivory being the most popular. Other colors include mauve-pink, orange, dark purple, and yellow.

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2. Tulip

The second most commonly used wedding flower is the tulip. I think perhaps part of the reason is because of the meanings associated with the flower: "happy years" and "consuming love." Tulips come in a multitude of colors, from purple, magenta, and red, to peach, yellow, and creams or whites. They are also very affordable in their standard form, though more rare varieties exist that are more expensive. Tulips work with both casual and elegant weddings and can be used in bouquets, table arrangements, and boutonnieres. The most commonly used varieties include Dutch tulips, which are the variety most commonly found in gardens and neighborhood florist shops, French tulips which have tapered blooms and extra-long stems, and parrot tulips that are known for their striped and ruffled petals.

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1. Rose

The most popular wedding flower most likely doesn't come as any surprise. The rose is a flower popular not only at weddings, but in mythology, poetry, and history, to represent beauty, passion, and, perhaps most importantly, love. The rose comes in many different colors, including bicolor varieties, striped and tipped varieties, and the classic solid style most people are familiar with. There are over 3,000 different types of roses that are commercially grown, with many of the varieties available all year and at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Did this help you at all? If you're struggling to decide what types of flowers you want at your wedding, talk to a florist or two and see what they recommend based on your wedding colors, venue, and wedding date. I'm sure they can help you come up with something you will love!