Occasions to Buy Him or Her A Ring

When is the best time to buy a ring? Furthermore, are there reasons to give rings as gifts other than to ask someone to marry you?

The pros at Larson Jewelers help you figure out what are the occasions for buying a ring and break down how to choose the perfect ring for her or him, no matter what your reasons or budget might be.

What Are the Occasions for Buying a Ring?

Most of us associate buying a ring with getting engaged. While engagement rings are an important tradition, there are lots of other occasions for buying a ring for someone you care about. Some events that mark our progress in life can be beautifully commemorated with a thoughtful ring gift.

  • Birthdays - Give a gemstone ring as a birthday gift to make someone feel truly special. Each month is associated with a different type of stone, so the choice is an easy one. For example, blue sapphires are the traditional stone for October births, emeralds rings are for May and July is the month for rubies.
  • Anniversaries - Commemorate wedding anniversaries with a ring that has meaning for both of you. Whether you choose something that complements her engagement ring or a nerdy pop culture band that celebrates his love of graphic novels, anniversary rings keep the spark of love alive.
  • Milestones - When someone you love gets a work promotion, completes an education milestone or retires from a long career, those are great occasions for buying a ring. Choose something that speaks to their unique personality or illustrates the occasion, like yellow gold for retirees or spinner rings for dedicated workers.

Rings for Special Occasions

When someone wants to know the special occasions for buying a ring, we like to include the moments that mark the journey toward a life well-lived. Think outside the gift box for these ring-giving ideas:

Graduation Rings - Whether it's with a high school diploma or a Ph.D., graduating is a huge accomplishment. Let that scholar know how much you admire their fortitude and perseverance with a gemstone ring that fits this occasion's magnitude.

Handprint and Footprint Rings - Welcome a new baby's birth or the adoption of a new child into the family with rings for special occasions that carry a unique fingerprint, handprint or footprint. Moms and dads will cherish this symbol of their little one that stays with them always.

Promise Rings - If you're not quite ready to get engaged, but you know you've found your forever person, give them a promise ring. Choose something other than a diamond to avoid any confusion and consider custom laser engraving to add a meaningful sentiment.

Purity Rings - A ring is often seen as a promise. A purity ring can be a symbol of one's commitment to religious tenets, an oath of fidelity to an organization or a promise to avoid romantic entanglements until marriage.

When Is the Best time to Buy a Ring?

As with any big purchase, it's good to do a little research before you buy. When you know you're in the market for rings for special occasions, you can take the time to look into frequently asked questions about ring sizing, warranty coverage and other important details. You can also find the best deals that won't break your budget. Many experts say that July is the best time to buy a ring because that month sits in between all the holiday promotions that crowd other times of the year. However, choosing a reputable jeweler that adheres to ethical practices and offers a wide selection of high-quality rings for special occasions is paramount.