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Palladium Wedding Bands – Affordable and Stylish for Men and Women

Traditionally, couples who wanted a white metal wedding band made of a real precious metal could only turn to platinum. However, due to platinum’s high cost (currently trading at over $1,730 an ounce), few couples can afford this expensive metal for their wedding rings. In fact, only about 7% of couples can currently afford to purchase platinum wedding bands.

The alternatives to platinum, namely white gold and titanium, are not really ideal alternatives. This is because white gold is not a white metal. Gold is naturally yellowish in color and needs to be mixed with a white metal, usually nickel, then plated with another white metal, called rhodium, to make it look white. The rhodium plating can wear off, and then not only is the yellowish hue beneath revealed, but the chance of developing an allergic reaction to the exposed nickel is increased as well.

Titanium is really no alternative to platinum by any stretch of the imagination. It is a cheap metal of no real value. It is a strong metal, but it is not as white as platinum. Titanium is used frequently for casual fashion jewelry – not the special ring you will be wearing on your finger forever.

Now, there is a metal that can truly be called an alternative to platinum: palladium. Palladium wedding bands display the same characteristics and physical properties of platinum since both are naturally white, durable, hard, hypoallergenic, and tarnish-proof. Palladium comes from the Platinum Group Metals family. All metals in this family exhibit many of the same characteristics as platinum. What makes palladium the ultimate alternative to platinum is that it possesses all these qualities, is actually a precious metal, and is a more affordable metal than platinum. Palladium is currently trading at just over $550 an ounce, which makes it about 1/3 the cost of platinum. This cost advantage makes it more accessible to couples who desire luxury wedding rings without the extravagant price tag.

What to Look for in a Palladium Wedding Band

When choosing palladium rings, be sure to choose a wedding ring manufacturer or jeweler offering the best value for your money. Choose a jeweler that uses the latest machines and technology to produce the best palladium wedding bands so you will be assured of the quality of the rings. You should choose a wedding ring company that offers a warranty and guarantee of satisfaction for all of their products, including their palladium wedding rings. This will ensure your satisfaction and you will either get a refund or replacement for any wedding rings that do not meet your satisfaction. Some of the best manufacturers for palladium wedding rings are Benchmark and Novell Design Studio. These two manufacturers have truly embraced working with palladium.

Some manufacturers half-heartedly offer a Palladium wedding band line by only designing a handful of basic styles. Benchmark and Novell are fully committed to their palladium wedding band lines by offering nearly all their styles they make in gold or platinum also in palladium. They also back all their rings with a lifetime guarantee and sizing.

Palladium wedding bands are the ideal choice for those that cherish properties of platinum without the hefty price tag. Palladium rings have a true white color when compared to white gold and never need re-plating. Being that palladium wedding bands are less expensive, it is the best choice if you have been searching for an affordable high quality true white metal to represent your everlasting bond in marriage.

-Thomas Larson