Picking the Best Metal for your Wedding Band

Your wedding band is an important piece of jewelry that you plan on wearing forever. It may be the most sentimental piece that you are ever given. The wedding band symbolizes so much in a marriage, so you want it to be one that you never need to take off. A beautiful band made of a durable metal will last a lifetime or longer. What the band is made of has a lot to do with how long it will last and different metals are good for different reasons, but the symbolism behind the ring is what is most important.

https://www.flickr.com/photo.gne?short=bw3LLj https://www.flickr.com/photo.gne?short=bw3LLj


Gold is probably the most popular metal used in wedding bands. Yellow gold is a classic look for wedding rings and has always been a popular metal. The most common types of gold are 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. The most expensive gold bands are the 18kt bands, as they are made with the purest, most costly gold. And, while they are certainly beautiful, the more gold that is used makes the piece less durable the ring will be. While 10kt gold rings may not be as expensive, because they are not made with as much pure gold, they are more durable and can handle more wear and tear. Gold comes in different colors, such as rose, yellow, and white gold.

White gold is becoming more popular in wedding bands, and can be a bit more costly than its yellow counterpart. It is also available in 18kt, 14kt, and 10kt, but most white gold bands are coated in rhodium. Rhodium protects the gold underneath and enhances the white gold to make it more beautiful. Over time, the rhodium can wear off, leading to possible discoloration in the metal.


Platinum looks very similar to white gold, but it is the most expensive metal for a band. It is very durable and always appears white, as it is used in its 100% pure form. Platinum is dense and heavy and won't feel as light on the finger than white gold. It is one of the best metals to be used for wedding bands as it will be able to endure normal wear and tear and will withstand most bumps and nicks for a lifetime.


A durable option used mostly in men's bands, but becoming popular in women's bands as well is titanium. It is the strongest natural metal on earth and it is because of this fact that more men are choosing titanium so that they can wear their band to work, even if they work with their hands. The ironic thing about it is that it is very light while being one of the best metals to stand up to everyday wear and tear. It is resistant to dents, bending and scratches and unlike some other metals, can be found in different colors. Titanium is also a hypoallergenic metal, so it is safe for those that may find that other metals give them a reaction on their skin. Unfortunately, titanium can never be resized. Once your titanium ring fits your finger, it can never be made bigger or smaller.


Palladium is a durable, lightweight and naturally white metal that has become a luxurious choice for wedding bands. It is similar to platinum and happens to fall in the same family. Palladium is rare and is a precious metal, making it a more expensive option. There is no need for a palladium band to be coated or plated, making them over 95% pure. Palladium bands are durable and are known for their longevity.

Tungsten Carbide

Made of tungsten and carbon, tungsten carbide is a durable, heavy and hard metal. A tungsten band will hold up to all wear and tear and will always stay looking brand new. They never lose their shine because they have a permanent polish and never need to be re-polished as other bands do. Tungsten rings also require little to no maintenance. Like titanium rings, tungsten rings can't be resized. Anyone looking for a durable band that will last a lifetime may choose to go with a tungsten carbide ring.

When shopping for wedding bands, first consider the wearer's job, as you want to think about how much wear and tear the ring will most likely endure. You want to choose a ring that you and your spouse will be able to wear for years and years. A wedding band has meaning, and you always want to choose the right metal for your ring.