You're With The Most Incredible Person, Now How To Propose In The Most Incredible Way?

When you're ready to ask that incredible someone to marry you, you'll want to do it right. Spending the rest of your life with someone is a big decision, and you may want to make your "popping the question" experience big, as well. There are some marriage proposals that are only remembered by the two people involved. Then there are those that involve many people, like loved ones and even strangers. Your proposal should be a cherished moment, and one that the two of you will remember forever. It will be a story that you share with friends, family, children and even grandchildren. Your proposal is one that will never be forgotten, regardless of how huge or intimate it may be.

Intimate Affairs

Your partner may be the type of person that doesn't like to be in front of large crowds. They may not like to be in a situation where they feel pressure. Proposing with just the two of you can make it an intimate affair and one that only the two of you will remember forever. Proposing over a nice romantic dinner is a classic, yet tasteful way to pop the question. Another way involves putting the ring into their glass of champagne, giving them a real reason to celebrate. Have the restaurant put the ring on top of their dessert and encourage them to order something "sweet" at the end of the meal.

If you prefer something that doesn't involve restaurants or food, you could utilize flowers at home by making a trail of rose petals leading to a room in which you are waiting with an engagement ring. Consider sending flowers to their work when they're least expecting it with the message "Will you marry me?" attached, and be waiting nearby to get their reaction, along with the answer to your question. Plan a trip to a beautiful place and pop the question there. Take them to a secluded and scenic location, watch the sun set, and then get down on one knee in front of a view that you both won't soon forget. A hot air balloon ride may involve the "driver" of the balloon, but it can still be a very romantic and intimate way to propose. Be sure to bring along a bottle of champagne to celebrate when they say, "Yes!"

Adventurous Engagements

If you and your special someone enjoy adventures, you can incorporate that adrenaline rush feeling in the way you ask your big question. Maybe your special getaway trip involves some great adventurous activities. Take your partner parasailing high above the ocean and pop the question while you are looking out over the beautiful shoreline. If jumping out of airplanes is your thing, get down on one knee and propose to your love once you are safely on the ground.

If you'd rather have your adventure stay a little closer to terra firma, you could ask your partner for their hand in marriage while you are skiing. Simply have them take a slope without you and wait at the bottom with a ring and ask them to marry you as they get to the end of the run. If you happen to be taking in some beautiful mountaintop views on the chair lift, that can be an intimate place to pop the question, as well. If you have access to a boat, take your partner out on the water and ask them to marry you. You'll be alone and you can enjoy the quiet beauty that surrounds you out on the water.

Fun Proposals

Give your partner an experience that they won't forget. If you want your proposal to be something that makes them laugh, put her ring into one balloon, and then fill up her room with many balloons. Have her pop all of them in order to find a hidden message in ONE of the balloons. She'll be popping and searching and will be really surprised when one of the balloons has a diamond ring inside. Another fun thing you can do is to make a puzzle that says "Will you marry me?" and send your partner one piece with a rose every day until they have enough pieces to put the puzzle together and read your special message. Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages, and you can incorporate special places and meaningful events into your hunt. At the end, you can be waiting with a ring in hand, ready to ask for your partner's hand in marriage.

Popping the Question in Public

Perhaps your partner is someone who would enjoy a public proposal. You can find numerous flash mob examples on the internet, and your family and friends are most likely willing to be a part of your special day. A perfectly planned flash mob is a very public way to surprise your love and to ask them to marry you. Another perfect way is to surprise them at a public event. Allow them to think that they've been randomly selected to go down on the floor, or up on the stage, and follow them up to ask them to marry you. Having a birthday party planned as a cover for an engagement party is a wonderful way to invite all of your friends over in order to have them present when you pop the question. If you are planning on asking your special someone to marry you in public, make sure that they are not easily embarrassed. It's also a good idea to be sure their answer will be yes before you possibly humiliate yourself.

What NOT To Do

Don't ask too soon. If you don't think your partner is ready to commit to marriage, don't try to force them into it by asking them to marry you. Even if you are 100% sure, it doesn't mean that they are. You will most likely have a discussion about your future together that will allow you to get a read on where they stand in your relationship.

Even though you may think that it's time to pop the question, there are some things that you shouldn't do if you want the answer to be yes. If you are planning on asking your partner to marry you, and you are completely serious, come bearing gifts. Proposing without a ring may make your partner feel unappreciated, and will make the proposal seem like it isn't real. If she insists on picking out the ring, get a placeholder ring that will be replaced when you go shopping.

If you've got a huge plan in place for your engagement, don't talk about it. You never know when someone knows someone's cousin, and they live next door to so-and-so, and they talk to your favorite coffee shop barista. You don't want your plan to be foiled by someone with loose lips. Their intention may not be to ruin it; they just might not know it's a surprise, or that it hasn't happened yet. Only inform those who NEED to know about it so that your plan goes off without a hitch.