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Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

Up to 60% OFF + 15% OFF Code WEDDING15

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Put Me Back On - Funny Ring Engraving on Tungsten Carbide Ring

put me back on

Over the years we have seen just about every type of engraving you can think of; cute, playful, inside jokes, wedding dates, vows, bible verses, heartfelt and even funny. One of the engravings that strikes me the funniest is the "Put Me Back On" engraving. It takes the right kind of person to take the joke but this is definitely one of the more unusual engravings I had had the pleasure of customizing. Anytime I see a unique engraving like this it helps to remind me that customizing your ring with an engraving is a way of adding a touch of your personality to his ring. Your engraving should not conform to tradition it should be an extension of yourself. If you are funny you might want to engrave a joke like this one shown. If you are sentimental a more traditional and heartfelt engraving may be for you.