Gorgeous and Rustic: What's the Deal with Wood Rings and Wedding Bands?

Wood rings and wooden wedding bands are beautiful, elegant, and have a very rustic feel. They’re also just as durable as some of the other materials out there.About Wood Inlay Rings

Even though there are so many different types of men’s wedding bands — and women’s rings — out there, it can still be tough finding something truly unique. Most couples want elegant yet affordable jewelry that matches their tastes, but the design must also evoke a long-lasting relationship filled with love. Perhaps that’s why materials like silver, gold, platinum, and tungsten are so popular. Of course, they’re also beautiful to look at!

Because those other materials are so popular, however, people tend to overlook some of the more distinct options such as titanium and wood wedding bands, ceramic bands, carbon fiber rings, and much more.

Out of them all, wood rings are some of the most unique. Wood wedding bands, in particular, may be made entirely out of wood or another material with just a wood inlay. Even better, wood inlay wedding bands offer the best of both worlds, as many titanium and tungsten bands have rustic wood embedded within them. Ceramic and wood wedding bands are another example, as the two materials blend seamlessly to create a gorgeous piece.

What Do Wood Rings Symbolize?

In most cultures, wood is symbolic of natural strength and growth, something any loving couple can aspire to. Therefore, the material is an excellent symbol of love, strength, and lasting relationships.

Many wedding anniversaries feature wood as an element for that very reason, with the material commonly showing up during five or ten year anniversaries.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking wood is exclusively masculine. There are some truly stunning women’s wood wedding rings, too. Couples will be happy to know there are tons of gorgeous wood rings for men and women alike.

Do Wood Wedding Bands Last?

The longevity and durability of a band depend on the design and finish, and that’s true of any type of ring from titanium to wood. With a reliable protective coating, some varnish, and regular cleanings, a wood band will last for a long time, even as long as some of the tougher metal ones.

Rings with a wooden inlay, such as wood and carbon fiber rings, are also quite durable with proper love and care. Certain materials, like titanium or tungsten, naturally boost the durability and longevity of a ring because they can be nigh-impenetrable.

What Wood Is Best for Rings?

Hardwoods are typically the wood of choice for use in jewelry, and rings benefit the most from the material. Some examples of hardwood include maple, birch, oak, ash, hickory, elm, poplar, walnut, maple, aspen, and more.

Wood inlays are slightly different. While hardwood is still a good choice, softer woods can be used for an inlay. That's because the surrounding materials and finish protect the wood. With inlays, it’s more about the appearance, so designers choose materials that mesh with the style and color scheme.

Can Wooden Rings Get Wet?

The best wooden wedding rings have an epoxy, lacquer, or varnish over the top, that can be exposed to water. That said, you’ll want to prevent them from long-term and extensive exposure to moisture, as much as possible.

Metal jewelry is quite a bit more resilient, so people tend to treat it a little rougher. Wood is durable, yes. To protect the material, finish, and etchings, it’s still important to treat it with love and care. Therefore, we recommend taking a wooden ring off before going swimming or hopping in the shower.

Can it be exposed to water? Yes. Should it happen frequently? No.